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Originally posted by Pneumatic_Tire

If it's street, then you should not even be running a 305 or 350 past 5 grand on a regular basis, unless you are asking to throw a rod.
I don't see you saying rick in there, sounds like you are saying its a sure thing

My bone stock 305 TBI sees 6000 RPM (no power there, but it goes there)regular, no problems yet

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Just an FYI there buddies...the L98 has a redline of 5,500 as does the G92 LB9...i know becasue i have one, and have driven both

the peanut cammed LB9's LG4's and LO3's had the 5,000 redline...

someone with more experiance has just chimed in
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The roller cammed 350/305 motors I wouldn't hesitate to take over 5k RPM. The older flat tappet cammed motors I would probably hesitate a bit if it were my only transportation. Barring that, rev it till it blows then rebuild it.
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While you have these thoughts in your head, let me ask. How difficult is dropping a carbureted pre1985 GM 350 into a '89 TPI car. A friend of mine is thinking of doing this since he threw a rod out of the opil pan in his L98 TPI 1989 T/A GTA. I have never done this swap either but want to help him wrenching. I am mostly a LT1 and 60's era hobbyist lately.

By the way,4 bolt mains mean nothing to guys like us with street and weekend drag strip duty. Trust me. I have been into the GM racing scene for about 15 years and never seen a small block motor fail through the mains. The rods give before a main will 99% of the time. It is not HP/Trq that kills em. It's usually RPMs (lack of proper oiling/bearings).
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Re: tpi -2- carb.

Im doing a 87 camaro tpi to carb swap is there a throttle cable bracket to buy that will fit without changing cables?
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