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Buying a Camaro

for 1,000usd, everything works fine, the owner says he gets a little oil leak and changes his oil every other 2months and he has been driving it over 18,000 doing that...

it has 178k,000 miles, i cant wait to buy it, what could be the problem small leak or somthing major ?
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Sometimes when a seller discloses problems with the veh. they are trying to sell, they sometimes choose to understate the extent of the problem. I suggest you take her for a long test drive, then park it over a large sheet of clean paper or cardboard, and let it sit, so the engine oil and any other components with fluids, can leak onto. Minor leaks might take a while to appear; but major leaks will likely appear after a few short hours (but, no guarantees). Once you've given it adequate time, check where and how much, and which fluid(s) are leaking. A sellers "small-leak", might turn into more than a simple "small"oil leak.
Main concern should be" why shell-out a couple hard earned grand on a vehicle, even a Camaro, if to fix all the possible leaks will set you back another hard earned couple of grand or more to fix.

just my 2 cents worth.
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I'm a suspicious of the "little oil leak"!!! If it's a small leak why is he doing an oil change every two months? And is it actually leaking or is it burning oil? 174,000 miles is a lot of miles for any car and will most likely start cosing you money in repairs very soon. A little more information on the car would help. What year, what model, what engine, etc. Where are you from? Repairing Camaro's over sea's can be more difficult.
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Not a lot of info there, what year? what engine and trans? These cars are old and things will be going bad on them when the seller didnt really take care of them 100%. A little oil leak could be anything, a rear or front seal, the valve covers anything. It always comes down to "buyer beware" If you have a shop you go to and trust always take it to them and have them look it over, that way when and if you deside to get it you have something to work with and maybe juke the price down a little.
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