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Old 02-22-2010, 02:30 PM   #16
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5th Gen

1) There needs to be an optional suspension package to improve handling (Track Pack). This is required for the SS model. Ideally, there would a version for the base car as well.

2) The steering feel needs improved on all versions of the car.

3) Improve the pedals or placement of the pedals so that heal-toe-downshifts are feasible.

4) Z/28: This car needs to be lighter than the SS. NOT HEAVIER! Use K.I.S.S. approach to improve ultimate performance (no supercharger, no electronic suspensions, and no unneeded fluff). Think ZO6.

5) Z/28: If a force induction engine must be used, it better have forged internals. A significant number of people that buy this car will modify it. Boost pressure will be increased. This is a fact. This is not a Cadillac. This is a Camaro. Please design accordingly.

6) There needs to be a new interior introduced into this car as soon as possible. This is the car’s worst feature and is still the single biggest complaint about the car. Throw out everything but the seats. Get rid of the stupid console gauges; Get rid of the horrific dash and console; Get rid of the retro gauge faces; Get rid of the ugly giant steering wheel; Give modern and sporty a chance, instead of the pseudo-retro confused design that is there now.

6th Gen
1) This car needs to be smaller and significantly lighter than the current version.

2) The interior needs to be sporty and modern. Retro is over. Please move on.

3) A V8 option is an absolute

4) Did I mention it needs to be lighter! 4000 lb “Pony Car” is an Oxymoron
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I may not be able to provide some good feed back (as I do not own a Camaro-YET) but here are three of my thoughts;

1) I sat in a Camaro at the Chicago Auto Show; the plastic inside the car really needs to be replaced. It makes the interior look "cheap". Replace it!
2) Bring on HUD. I would love to see it the car.
3) This is a BIG IF...if the Z28 is going live, make the hood ram air. I loved it in the 80's and in the 90's on those cars. So to see a functional hood- mail slot or something different would be great.
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I'm not really sure what to expect here. I mean, GM is not stupid, it knows where discontent in this car lies.

It's too big: That can't be fixed.

It's too heavy: That can't be fixed.

Many don't like the interior: That won't be fixed.

Poor visibility: That can't be fixed.

Not class leader in handling: Some improvements possible.

Unless we're talking some minor doo-dad or trim or color selection choices, none of these architectural issues can be addressed until the 6th gen.

In fact, I hope you guys are going in order to talk about the 6th gen.....

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Originally Posted by holeshot View Post
Get rid of the stupid console gauges
FWIW, the console gauges are one of my favorite features of the interior and I want to see them stay. About the only interior feature I would complain about its the retro speedo/tach, and even that is a minor irritation that I can live with it.
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I don't mind the console gauges. They are the least of the interior's problems. Keep them for their uniqueness along with the ambient lighting and redesign everything else. I know that won't happen though.

Of course, I have no plans on buying a 5th Gen so take my opinions with a grain of salt.
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So is everyone from before going to be able to make it?
If not how do I get on this team as an alternate. I have been in every generation F-body made and have just a few of the generations in my garage
I have a few opinions

I'll keep mine very general and realistic.

Get rid of the retro interior. People want the look of a 69 with the modernness of a 2010.
Why do you think LSx swapped 69 camaros bring more then stock cars a lot of times, but ones with gen 1 SBC swap bring less. Again people want modern. (even more then numbers matching which says something)
Use the best most modern interior you can find.

To stop what someone might do:
No fake woodgrain. Nuff said.
Brushed aluminum is ok in places but a lot of times over done and done wrong.
When in doubt keep it consistent and don't break up the lines with contrasting colors(ex: black leather with red woodgrain window switch trim)

The current interior does suck. I've seen a brand new car with the center console side panel coming off. Also the rear seat area where the plastic just kind of comes down and ends against the carpet is so cheap looking.

I could go on about the current interior but doing that implies I want it salvaged, when in fact I want it sent to the depths of hell and someone from one of the other divisions to design the next interior.

The new interior needs a screen. Not just for Nav, but for oh so much more. I've discussed this in detail before so that's all I am going to say.
Power adjust and lumbar seats on both sides?

Next thing is the roof. Only f-body where I can't roll the window down, rest my elbow on the window sill and hook my thumb under the roof, because it's so fricking short a window.
Honestly as much as people called the 4thgen a cave, which it is, I am surprised more people haven't complained about this. I gave it a chance and thought maybe the chop top look was more from the outside, but no I was wrong, it's exactly like that on the inside. In coming years I see this becoming the equivalent of the 4thgen cave.
Yes I know safety this or government that makes you raise the belt line and well that's an engineering problem, I'm just telling you what I don't like.

Everyone likes colors, so give them colors. Synergy green is great. But why the heck would you limit it to a v6 version when the people passionate enough to want it probably want a v8 'collector' car. And what about all the other colors? You can load them in a spray gun for a cobalt or aveo etc, but not the camaro?

I'd talk about the exterior but your going to refresh it so since I don't know what that will look like what's the point. I'd just be talking about stuff that's getting changed regardless. Smaller? lighter? dead horse?

I'm going to stop there. Notice I didn't even bother with radical changes because I have a feeling this meeting will be even less insightful then before. I imagine you'll just get asked very minor questions like do you prefer a charcoal or black interior. Not what do you think of an LSA and Solid axle.

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Drop the heritage wheels that come standard on 1LS models for the standard wheels that come standard on 1LT models.
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keep the suggestions coming. i can't wait to go back to detroit and be an advocate for y'all
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Special cars should have a special bow tie emblem. Ex. Z28 = Red Bow Tie Emblems front and back
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-Fix the handling with a optional trak pak
-lose the bling 20" truck wheels with said trak pak
-fix the pedals , I could never heal to toe in this car
-Lose the Peterbilt size bumpercar steering wheel

...and I cant stress enuff , if a under 20K VW Rabbit can have a Audi quality interior ...why on earth cant a nearly $40K Camaro . Hard plastic panels that are not covered in vinyl should coated with Dupont Velvasheild like many other makes use in less expensive cars . There are silver coatings that look like polished aluminum or stainless steel ( Camaro Dusk ...hint you guys even know what it is ) , why are you guys still using cheap plain silver paint . The interior shortcuts are blaring The Camaro has got pretty expensive , so the Cobalt SS grade interior is just not acceptable wasnt even that acceptable in the Cobalt SS ( reference under $20K VW Rabbit again)

-And please just let Opel design the interior . Special doesnt have to be retro and their latest stuff is pretty damn cool .

I wont even mention weight , I know the Camaro team wants a lighter Camaro too .
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Having only sat in them, I can't offer too many opinions.

- Offer a Track Pack
- Better have something to answer Mustang's increased HP for 2011
- More interior colors (especially lighter colors)
- Main gauges need to be replaced. They're cheap looking.
- Need to offer a real infotainment system to rival Sync.
- Some of the interior materials need to be upgraded. Especially the plastic around the main gauge pod. There should be no hard surfaces in this car.
- Ditch the silver painted plastic in favor of REAL aluminum or stainless bits.
- Leather wrap the e-brake handle!! It looks & feels cheap.
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I refused to buy the new Camaro because I felt like it was getting away from a pony car and to much luxury, if i wanted luxury id by a BMW, but I don't so my suggestions are....

- Get the weight down some.
- Offer a track pack, and let people have cloth instead of leather and a no power option, This saves weight and cuts price.
- Also, I felt like the car was much higher then my 4th gen lower it alittle please!
- offer some options like ford does maybe a yenko that can be bought from the factory, baldwin motion some of the old school names that have added performance. like the mach, saleen, and shelby. Dont let the cars getting close to the corvette scare you guys at GM a different class of people want the vette, plus nothing will ever compete with it.
-Bring z/28 out to go with the gt500 Id like to see GM have the Camaro to battle it instead of the corvette (different class of car)
- Finally lets keep the car ahead of the mustang performance wise. I know a lot of my friends have flipped to going to get the new Mustang instead of Camaro strictly because the performance. I know alot of people could careless but also a lot want the performance.

If I see theses changes I will definitely be signing to buy the 2011

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Come out with a Z28/ZL1/Berlinetta (I don't care what you call it!) with at least a 550hp boosted engine....PLEASE.

And in this Supercharged Beast have:

Funtional Hood Scoop.

Widen Rear Fenders and Wheels for wider rubber to make use of extra torque.

Front & Rear Brake Cooling Ducts (make fender "Gills" functional for rears).

Rear "Lip" Spoiler similar to 1st Gens.

Dual Mode Exhaust (optional or standard).

Optional Selective Ride Control.

....TRY to keep price south of $50,000......or at least not much over.
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The 6 speed automatic transmission should not be an extra cost option on this car. Just think, the 2SS starts out at almost 34,000.00 and if I want the
six speed automatic, I have to come with another 1,000.00. Also leather and
the four pack of gauges should be individual options offered on the 1LT and
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Great to read all these points and thoughts about how to improve this car! The one thing I'm seeing (that I think will make our job easier this time!) is there are a few common themes and suggestions that are being made by many, many people.
This is great, as the more people who are on the same page, the more credence these ideas have with the team! Good stuff!

Best regardSS,

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