Z/28 Delivered to longtime Member!

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A longtime member of the site has taken delivery of her brand new 2014 Camaro Z/28.  Angela, AKA 350 HRSS, joined this site back in 1999 with her 1995 Camaro Z28 and 1995 3.4L Camaro (both of which she still has).  She now owns the first salable 2014 Camaro Z/28, Vin #5.  We caught up with Angela to ask her about it.:

  • CamaroZ28.COM – You have been a long time member at CamaroZ28.COM, since 1999.  Do you still have your original cars you signed up on the site with?  I believe that was a 1995 Camaro Z28.
  • Angela  – Yes, I still have both of the original Camaros-a 1995 Camaro V6 3.4 and my 1995 Camaro Z28.
  • CamaroZ28.COM –   When did you order your Z/28?
  • Angela – I ordered the Z/28 on Jan 24th, the first day after allocations were announced-Jan 23rd, from Jeff Gordon Chevrolet.
  • CamaroZ28.COM –   Did you order any additional options like the AC or 6 speaker system?
  • Angela – Yes, I did order those options, I almost regret it a little, but that AC will come in handy on Woodward Ave this summer in Detroit ;)
  • CamaroZ28.COM –  How long did it take for your order to come in?
  • Angela – My car was built on March 26th 2014, which is super cool, because the unveiling of the Z/28 was March 27th 2013, and I was there!!!  I ordered in white because I loved how it looked in the matte pearl on stage.  The white really brings out the black spoiler, splitter and aero package. I will never EVER forget that day, special thanks to a special dear friend who invited us.  I picked up the car on 5/5/14, and thought it was super cool that #5 was delivered on 5/5!  So, built on March 26th, and delivered on 5/5.  An expected wait for such a special car.  It was worth it!
  • CamaroZ28.COM – You have Vin #5.  Is this the first salable Z/28?
  • Angela – Yes, from what we understand and have been told, #1 and 2 went to Mr. Hendrick, and #3 and 4 went to GM, and #5 is ours :)  SO it looks like we have the first public Z/28!
  • CamaroZ28.COM – What do you plan to do with the car?  Will you race it?  Show it?
  • Angela – We plan to do both!  It’s debut will be the Super Chevy in Virginia Motorsports Park this weekend!  We may take it to VIR this summer as well.  It all depends on our schedule, and how the weather works out when we are available.
  • CamaroZ28.COM –  Anything else you would like us to know?
  • Angela – This is a challenging question.  We are die hard Chevy-anything GM.  It’s about loyalty to the product.  It’s similar to a marriage, there are ups and downs, but you hang in there.  Thru the good and the bad, Chevrolet and GM will always be the top of our list.  Honestly to me, no other brand exists :)  So, with that being said, you usually will not hear my name in a sentence, unless Chevy, GM or Camaro is included!  Amazing products, with some amazing employees!  We look forward to continuing with the 6th generation Camaro, in which we already have the first allocation with Jeff Gordon Chevrolet!  On to the future!

Thanks Angela and congrats on your new Camaro Z/28.

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