Podcast #378 – The Heart of a Camaro Enthusiast.

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New York 5th Gen

Show Notes:

  • What is it that makes a Camaro enthusiast?  Is it a love and passion for the Camaro?  Or is there more than that.  We talk a little bit about why we started one of the very first Camaro enthusiast websites on the Internet, and how that has evolved.
  • A special shout out this week to the NY5thGen Camaro Club for all their help and dedication to the victims of Superstorm Sandy.  We would also like to acknowledge a very special person from Michigan, who traveled to NY to help out the NY5thGen folks in their efforts, and that person is Ed Kleehammer (EdKlee).  Way to go guys!  Thank you for setting a shining example of what else a car club can do for the community.


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