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Rich97 W68 07-28-2003 12:42 AM

What Intake, Headers, Exhaust, etc...?
Use this thread for intake, header, exhaust, etc. questions.

Please use the SEARCH function before asking questions.

If you post outside of this thread a "what intake, how much gains, etc...?" your thread will be deleted, and PM will be sent to you asking you to repost in this thread.

Same applies for other threads that are stuck here.



RCJim 08-01-2003 06:11 PM

I am wanting to put a Cold Air Intake on my 96 3.8 Camaro. Any input on parts used and directions for making your own OR a website with info would be very much appreciated!

I would like to make my own rather than plop $250.00 on it,

Buffy 08-02-2003 03:22 PM

can anyone tell me info about cold air intakes? all info is appreciated. i'm pretty clueless about them in general.

thanks :)

99blackSS 08-02-2003 07:15 PM

A cold air intake is more free flowing then the stock air intake and is supposed to get its air from cold air that is under the car instead of warm air from around the engine. Engines need air to burn, therefore the extra air equals extra hp.
A whisper lid is a very common mod on 98-02 Camaros. A whisper lid is like the stock lid only slightly bigger and has no fins on the bottom of it and comes with a hose to by pass the air silencer. The air silencer is the big black thing behind the intake lid and it robs of hp because it gets hot from the engine which warms up the air. If you don't want to spend some where around $100 on a whisper lid you can sand the fins out of your stock lid.
IMO the worst intake mod on a Camaro is the free ram air mod. The gains are very small if any and this mod causes the air filter to get dirty very quickly. If you would like to do it anyway here is a link on how to do it.(for years 98-02) free ram air mod

Buffy 08-02-2003 08:26 PM

thanks for the info :) it helped a lot.

what is the best cai for a 94 v6 camaro? (3.4)
and how much extra hp will i get from it?

i also just ordered a flowmaster american thunder exhaust system. do you know how much more hp i should get once it's installed?

99blackSS 08-03-2003 12:42 AM

I don't know which CAI is the best for a 3.4, they all have similar gains. With a flowmaster and CAI you would probably gain around 5hp. A lot of people on this board like the sound of the flowmaster on the 3.4. I like the sound of the dynomax muffler I put on my 3.8. Dynomax and Flowmasters have similar hp gains. Recently I have noticed a lot of people buying WS6, SS, and Z28 take off exhaust, they seem very satisfied with it and usually get a pretty good deal on it used.

Buffy 08-03-2003 11:55 AM

has anyone here used royal purple on their car? i hear it can give you like 6 more horses, but, after hearing that mods like a flowmaster and a cai will give you about 5, i think that the 6 extra horses in the royal purple commerical is :bs:

99blackSS 08-03-2003 05:33 PM

Yea you can't go by what the company tells you. This is why ricers think they have lots of power, because they go by the numbers on the packaging. K&N claims something like up to 20 hp increase, when really its less then 1 hp. I haven't used royal purple but its a synthetic which means its better then dyno oil. As I have stated in another thread, on horse power T.V. they took a SS and changed out all of the liquids to Mobil 1 fluids and gained something like 3 hp (measured on dyno not "I think this gives me 3 hp"). So synthetic oil might give you a less then 1 hp increase. I like synthetics because they make the engine last longer and it is said you can go longer between changes but I still like changing it every 3k miles.

RCJim 08-04-2003 04:00 PM

My Camaro is a 96 w/a 3800 V6 5speed. It has a pretty throaty duel exhaust on it and it might be chipped.

I plan to add CAI ASAP and I would like to cam it. What cams are both good for the street and the track?

Rich97 W68 08-05-2003 03:31 PM

Originally posted by RCJim
My Camaro is a 96 w/a 3800 V6 5speed. It has a pretty throaty duel exhaust on it and it might be chipped.

I plan to add CAI ASAP and I would like to cam it. What cams are both good for the street and the track?

1. Can't chip a 1996 OBD-II 3800 V6 car. You have to flash the PCM or use a plug-in module like a Jet SCU, etc for it. Magnus over on can tell you about programming. You can normally find him in the Advanced Tech forum...

2. As far as cams selection goes, please use the Major Power Adder forum. I can tell you that there is a metric TON of information on cam selection on as well. Their Advanced Tech section is VERY good - but you'll need more information than "what cam is good for me to race with?" - things like streetability, ability to cam without requiring programming, idle, etc...are all factors to look into...

Good luck. :)

RCJim 08-05-2003 09:59 PM

Thank you for the reply. That is a great site.

Rich97 W68 08-06-2003 12:43 PM

No problemo.

I'm hoping to establish some kind of working relationship between both boards to educate both member-bases. Those guys over there are top notch, as are the people that frequent here. I'm hoping to get people here in more of a tech-minded frame of mind...

Good luck with the cam. Some of the 3.4L/3.8L cars I've heard with cams sounded AWESOME and performed VERY well...

00SilverStar 08-06-2003 07:58 PM

I got a 2000 rs with the 3800 v6. i got the air box lift kit and im going to do the mod where you cut the bottom of the box out. I was wondering if a lid will be worth my while and if taking out the silencers will help too. i was thinking about gettin a slp lid and getting a pipe with a bend in it to make it mate up with the tb. but i dont know what to do about the sensor in the rubber fitting on the back of the box. any ideas on what the best thing to do is?



99blackSS 08-06-2003 09:39 PM

If by cutting out the bottom of your air box you mean the free ram air mod, I don't recommend it (see a few posts up). A aftermarket lid comes with a hose to by pass the air silencer and has a place on the lid to insert the sensor. I don't know if SLP makes a lid for the 3800, I would go with a whisper lid.

00SilverStar 08-06-2003 11:00 PM

yea, slp's lid is made for the v8 but from what i see it will fit out intake, only prob is the neck on it is round and not offset. so i would need to get a pipe with a bend in it to make it mate upto the tb. as far as that sensor goes, how could i re locate it without gettin the whisper lid.



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