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1969 Camaro Full Color Wiring Diagram Manual

These FULL COLOR WIRING DIAGRAMS for the 69 Camaro are the most easily read diagrams ever produced. Instead of two or three pages covering the entire wiring system, these schematics break the entire electrical system down into individual circuits. You are not distracted by wiring which is not part of the circuit you're working on.

This 38 page manual includes:

Introduction to the theory of effective electrical troubleshooting with fully illustrated examples.

Circuit examples showing how to read electrical diagrams.

The four steps of efficient electrical troubleshooting and repair of electrical systems.

The common tools needed to find electrical troubles.

How to properly use a voltmeter, ohmmeter, test light, continuity tester, short tester.

Instructions on how to test for voltage, resistance, continuity, shorts, and voltage drops.

Ten full pages of wiring diagrams.

A circuit operation description is included with each circuit diagram. This takes the reader step- by-step on how the particular circuit operates. Also included with each description are troubleshooting tips to help the troubleshooter make intelligent decisions regarding the diagnosis of the problem within the circuit.

A component location index is also included with each schematic that identifies the location of every component, switch, connector, splice and ground that is installed on the vehicle.

Circuit index. Helps find the circuit you need quickly.

The 69 Camaro Wiring Diagram Manual can be ordered in Adobe Acrobat PDF files either by email or on a CD. It can also be mailed to you in hard copy. Extra postage and handling will apply in mailed formats. If you donít have the latest free version of Adobe Reader, go here: http://store.adobe.com/products/acro...&ref=Secondary

You can also receive periodic updates to the manual for as long as you wish. Whenever more information is available, or corrections need to be made, the updated manual can be automatically emailed to you.

If you wish, you can go to my eBay listing to purchase this manual at:

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