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RealQuick 11-21-2008 08:52 PM

Xmas deals on turbo kits!
Guys, with the struggling economy and tight budgets, I see the need for some discounted kits. I have done some calculating, and by limiting my profit, I can pass some serious savings on to you guys. I knocked off $750 from the regular prices!!! Here are my holidays sale prices (good till 12/31/08… with the option to carry the sale a little longer).

Complete Kits:

Complete Cast Manifold Kit (600-650rwhp): $4250
Complete Log Manifold Kit (650-700rwhp): $4750
Complete T76 Header Kit (800-850rwhp): $5250
Complete T88 Header Kit (900-1000rwhp): $6000
Complete Twin Turbo Kit (1100rwhp): $6250

Hotpart Pricing with JGS 40mm wastegate:

Cast Manifold Kit (600-650rwhp): $1500
Log Manifold Kit (650-700rwhp): $1750
T76 Header Kit (800-850rwhp): $2200
T88 Header Kit (900-1000rwhp): $2500
Twin Turbo Kit (1100rwhp): $3000

My top 3 kits listed are on the same price range as a procharger setup! Happy holidays… and lets start making power!


RealQuick 12-01-2008 08:25 AM

Order before January and I will do the complete install for $1250.


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