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93 Z-28 just shut off going down road.

I had just filled up at the chevron gas station. App. 1 mile from station and close to home , engine quit running. I had been driving app 40 mph. Have auto trans. Put trans in neutral and coasted off side of road at a wide area. Turned off lights and key. Put trans in park and turned key. Engine started right up and ran app. 2-3 seconds. Then shut off. Restarted engine rightup. Ran again and gave some gas, ran app 3-4 seconds, then shut down. Did that several times and engine would just shut off. Called wife to bring laptop with diacom in it. Waited app 10-15 min. It had just started drizzing rain . Well, when wife arrived ,laptop battery was dead. Opened hood and moved coil wire some at the opti end. Started up engine, and it ran for several minutes. So I tried to make it home ,which I did. Charged laptop battery. Next day checked computer. Showed a #16 Low resalution pulse code. Engine was running in garage ok. Shut off, cleared code with diacom. Restarted engine fine . Everything looks ok on diacom. I need some advice on what to do. Opti has been replaced in early 97. Only app 30,000 miles on opti. car kept in garage. I have replaced coil and plugwire with MSD app 2 years ago. Now I don't trust car to go out in , Help. Thanks.
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Mine did the exact same thing a year ago. I tried a new coil, ignition control module, etc. It ended up being a full tank of bad gas. I dont know if there was water in it or what but it was running fine and then shut shut right off. Started right back up, ran for 5 min. or so, shut off, start up, shut off. Also it seemed to be down on power and sounded ruff. I went through about 2/3 tank of fuel, refilled and the car seemed to be a ton better, burnt that tank away to nothing and refilled again and it was all better.

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Sorry to say but it sounds like a bad opti.
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