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ketanojaun 11-17-2016 03:16 PM

over complicate z28 too much electronics
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Lotta wires stuuf in way to change plugs cars got 71,000 miles bought from original owner at 64,000 miles.
im worried about clutch system , smogging, changing plugs at 100,000 miles lott stuff to remove for number 8 plug?
Ac is out befor I got it leak at compressor I guess?
ive passed smog but numerbers highr than few years ago for cali/
gas mileage 14 mpg.These are not simple easy to work on no issued cars at all/
I changed out window motor no biggie.
Longtime owners w/ lotta self repairs what can you say in defense and in offense of these 4th gen ls-1's???????:think:

BandDirector Blk98ZM6 11-19-2016 10:27 AM

Re: over complicate z28 too much electronics
Bought my '98 Z28 new in 6/98. No defense needed IMO...back then, it was BY FAR the best bang for the buck car your could buy! They were rated at 305 HP, but mine put down 304.2 at the wheels with just a lid! It was the fastest "regular man's" car you could buy! Smoked Mustangs all day long and even gave the 'Vette a run for it's money!

Absolutely correct that they're a pain to work on the FIRST time you do something, but you learn as you go. Plugs are a prime example. I probably spent 3 hours on my first plug change, but over the years, I've got it down to 30-45 mins. Granted the '98's are a little harder to do plugs because the coil packs are attached to the valve cover individually, but when I swapped to an '04 LS6 longblock and installed the '99-'02 coil pack mouting rail, it's A LOT simpler. Just loosen the rear mounting bolt, take the front mounting bolt off, and slide the coil pack rail up and out of the way to reach the passenger's side plugs. To get the #8 plug, I usually climb in, put my knees on top of the battery, and go in after the #8 plug from the top. Some guys think it's easier to go after it from the bottom, but I've always preferred the top. To each their own.

Sticker on my '98 Z28 was $24K and I think I drove it off the lot for that including tax, tag and title. It was my dream car back then, still have it to this day, and I never plan to get rid of it!

ketanojaun 11-19-2016 04:30 PM

Re: over complicate z28 too much electronics
well clutch too laying down driving low seat aint easy on the old knees either,,and the hydraulic throw out bearing worry bout leaks was changed 10,000 miles ago though,
I wonder whats market for them a couple years ago lotta interest in it on craigslist a lot,
Don't drive that much anymore either its a hardtop, well just hope things don't act up, not sure if I keep it ?im considering cause it just aint driven much its in great shape cept a.c. I may be buying another car soon an automatic? great getting kinda rare car now and cali these leadfoots young leadfoots sure they wanna grab it modify it ruin it too, so may jus keep just to keep their hands off it. I used to have an 02 guess I should've kept that one I guess better in lotta little ways.

JakeRobb 11-20-2016 08:13 AM

Re: over complicate z28 too much electronics
The plugs are a notorious pain, but mine has almost 120k miles on it and is still running perfectly on the original plugs. It's awfully hard to justify a complaint about something I have never had to do!

I did my own clutch+flywheel, and on a separate occasion I pulled and reinstalled the T56 for a performance build. I've upgraded the brakes. I've had the back seat out for race days. I've removed and reinstalled the exhaust from the Y-pipe back.

My Camaro is honestly the lowest maintenance and easiest to work on car I've ever owned. (I'm young and never had any of the older cars where you can literally stand in the engine bay; I can imagine those being easier.) So I give it a pass on the spark plugs! :)

ketanojaun 11-20-2016 11:23 AM

Re: over complicate z28 too much electronics
well yeah ya never had an old 60's car but I know no ones gonna like this but I had an 89 mustang 5.0 for 20 years till insurance co salvage titled it in a small fender bender basically tricked me .
I can tell you compared to this one with hald engine under the firewall the 5.0 was a breeze I guess reason their bought up iif decent in few days anywhere.
Well yeah the z is good looking and parts seem available and inexpensive so yeah maybe I just read a potential problem they may have and just look negatively on them.
I also sold thes 4th gens real quick after I regreted selling them I had an awesome 2001 and awesome 2002 now I have this 98 .I only driven this 8,000 miles sice I had it.

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