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Zeus28 08-10-2017 05:56 PM

Cat delete issues
Hello,I'm new to the forum, well I have a 2002 camaro z28. It has from previous owner, longtube hooker headers, catless y pipe, Yukon locker with 4:10 gears, and other goodies. My main issue is that it keeps throwing 2 codes, p1153 and a p1133, so I bought some o2 simulators thinking it had none but it did have some installed. I have not installed the new ones but I did disconnect battery and the check engine light went away, drove home and the code came back on, I need this car to pass deq any help would be most appreciated.

Injuneer 08-10-2017 08:58 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
Welcome to ! ! !

"New Member Intro...." forum isn't the best place for tech help. I'll move this to "LS1 Based Engine Tech" for better chance of help.

Injuneer 08-10-2017 09:12 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
Your codes are not related to the cats, or to the after-cat O2 sensors, where the sims should be installed. P1133 is for slow switching, bank 1 (driver side) sensor 1 (pre-cat). P1153 is the same, except for bank 2 (passenger side) sensor 1 (pre-cat). Those are the O2 sensors that provide feedback to the PCM regarding the A/F ratio.

The codes for insufficient cat activity (as in "missing") would be P0420 bank 1; P0430 bank 2. Problems with the bank 1 sensor 2 (after-cat) would set codes in the range of P0137-P0142; bank 2 sensor 2 (after-cat) in the range of P0157-P0161.

Are there extensions for the pre-cat sensors? How old are the pre-cat sensors?

Zeus28 08-10-2017 10:10 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
I haven't really check to see if it has o2 extentions but I'm assuming it does,the car is pretty low so I couldn't really get under there too well, as for the sensors they look pretty aged because the headers them selves look old.

Injuneer 08-10-2017 11:35 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
Any chance someone ran leaded fuel?

Zeus28 08-10-2017 11:46 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
I've been running chevron or shell 92 octane,I live in washington state so 92 is the highest octane we have here.

Injuneer 08-12-2017 10:20 AM

Re: Cat delete issues
Not an issue of octane. Lead kills the O2 sensors over time. Some people will try leaded fuel at the track, in the erroneous belief that it will somehow make more power. Silicates from conventional coolant with silicate-based rust inhibitors will also destroy O2 sensors, in the event of a head gasket leak. Ditto for zinc or phosphorous from motor oil if there is high oil consumption. Then there's "old age".

Might need to replace the pre-cat sensors.

Zeus28 08-12-2017 04:27 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
I have some corvette rear o2's comming, I guess some people say that they're better than stock because they have a hotter heater on them and better durability for long tube headers.

JakeRobb 08-12-2017 08:47 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
Why? The codes indicate an issue with your front (before cat) sensors.

Injuneer 08-12-2017 11:56 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
I think he means he is buying the Corvette after-cat part # to install in the pre-cat positions. Apparently stronger heaters.

Zeus28 08-15-2017 07:12 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
So I installed the new o2s, drive the car on the freeway for a while then went through deq, still would not pass, no check engine light on nor trouble codes, I'm stuck. It keeps saying, catalyst: not ready, secondary air system: not ready, o2 sensor heater: not ready, so on and so fourth, not sure on what to do at this point, I made the repairs so they won't give me a waver for the test.

Injuneer 08-15-2017 08:16 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
Once you reset the codes, there is a minimum amount of driving time and defined "drive cycles" that have to be accumulated before some of the system are "ready".

Zeus28 08-15-2017 08:27 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
Ok, I'll be driving it to work a couple days and see what happens, this is not my daily but I'd like to see it pass emissions

FirstYrLS1Z 08-16-2017 05:27 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
My 98Z wouldn't pass(in Ohio),ran out of time for the required re-registration date,had to get a temp tag. I had 5 monitors 'not ready'. Wasn't my daily but made it my DD in order to put cycles/drive time on in. As every day passed,another monitor became ready. The last one to go away was the evap monitor.

Zeus28 08-16-2017 06:20 PM

Re: Cat delete issues
Well I drove it to work this morning and the SES light came back on, I don't know which code because I haven't had it scanned yet,I'm fresh out of ideas now and I desperately need to get this thing registered so I have an appointment booked at wongs performance in vancouver,wa to have him check it out. I might try cleaning the MAF sensor tonight just to see if that helps. It drives fine just keeps throwing the SES light. For my front o2s I used Denso rear corvette sensors.

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