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312.Z28 04-13-2014 12:36 PM

Smoking wires from steering column
So the fun continues on this 96 Z28 I bought. I was going to move the car to start working on getting the ABS and traction control lights off... I started the car, lowered the steering wheel and smoke started coming out of the steering column and it smelled like electrical parts melting. Now the check engine light is on. The car still starts and runs and everything appears to work electrically but is my only way of getting to the wires in the steering column, to pull the airbag etc..? There is another plastic piece on the column that seems to not be removable? I tried searching the forum and couldn't find the answer, so pardon my asking if I missed it somewhere. Ahhh this car gets more fun by the day.:lol:

Injuneer 04-13-2014 06:01 PM

Re: Smoking wires from steering column
The column may need to be removed. Check the ignition switch first. They are known to overheat and melt. The switch is not the key cylinder. It is further down the column, operated by a rod from the key cylinder. Shoebox has a guide:

4th Gen F-body Ignition Switch Replacement

I would also scan it to find out specifically what turned on the SES light. That may give you a clue to what burned/melted.

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