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Z28amustangklr 07-20-2013 07:49 PM

LT4 heads or After market!!!
95 Z28 A4 45,000 miles.

Alright finally got some money to play with and Im looking to buy some heads. Question is what to buy. Im purchasing TPIS headers. and i want to put some LT4 heads on with the LT4 intake. Now i have a Comp cam in the car now.
Duration 0.50 Intake:206 Exhaust:212 Lobe lift .3200-.3250 Sepration-112.0 My question is it better to keep this cam or go with the hot cam with the
LT4 kit. Or is it cheaper to get Diffrent heads and keep this cam. I want the most power for my money. Im looking to put about 5,000 in to it for now plus labor. I have most bolt ons right now that i can buy except a 58mm throttle body. I also am getting it dyno tuned. any suggestion will help me lots. I just recently bought this baby off my dad. So now its time for me to finally do the things i wanna do to it :cool:

Injuneer 07-20-2013 10:52 PM

Re: LT4 heads or After market!!!
Depends what kind of power you are looking for. I would assume if you plan to invest $5,000 you are looking for something more than a warmed over stock LT1.

The cheapest thing to do, with the greatest bang for the buck, is to have your stock LT1 heads ported by a knowledgeable head porter. They will easily and seriously outflow a stock LT4 head, and aftermarket heads like the Edelbrocks. Then get a matched cam from the head porter... something other than what you have or the LT4 HOT cam. Neither of those will make serious power.

Advanced Induction - LTx Cylinder Heads

ramermanz28 08-02-2013 02:58 AM

Re: LT4 heads or After market!!!
+1 on a set of Advanced Induction heads. I had them do a set of Trick Flows for me. Might as well invest the money now, like the rest of us you will end up doing it later anyway.

kylew707 08-09-2013 10:06 AM

Re: LT4 heads or After market!!!
Best bang for your buck as far heads go is Lloyd Elliot in my opinion. Stage 1-$900, stage 2-$1300 etc etc. His website, as posted above is very helpful, and he can answer just about any question you may have

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