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threehourshower 04-26-2013 12:41 AM

headlight buzzer wont turn off???
My headlight buzzer started acting funny today, it stays on no matter what. If the keys are turned to on in the ignition, when the car is running, and as normal when the keys are out. The door open chime stays on too, but its been like that and I heard its from the ignition column.. my question is, what could be keeping it on? The only way to keep them on and not hear a chime is to pull the courtesy fuse, which is annoying as many could imagine because it cuts out the radio and 12 volt outlets. My car is a 95 z28. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

threehourshower 04-26-2013 12:46 AM

Re: headlight buzzer wont turn off???
Also, if it helps I have the intermittent headlight/radio problem but I can't solve it because my bcm is different from all the instructions I've found. So today I wired my windows to an unused fuse outlet in the cabin. Just crossed the normal fuse over to another open hot spot. My radio is wired with both constant and switched to constant and I turn it off when I get out but it still doesn't work with the courtesy fuse out.

EDIT: my gauges arent working properly either, only the fuel and temp gauges seem to be reading anything at all

bobdec 04-26-2013 10:54 AM

Re: headlight buzzer wont turn off???
Looks like the Audio Alarm Module (small plastic box, that's dinging) under the dash Pin "B" is seeing a ground (0 V) level. The ground starts comes from the Left Hand door jamb switch when the door is opened (switch closed when door is open) then goes to the "Key in ignition switch" (closed w/key in ignition) and then goes to the alarm module pin 'B' . Since alarm goes off w/key pulled from ignition that switch and alarm module look OK . So it looks like the door jamb switch is bad . The Tan wire on the jamb switch is the circuit to look at. Temporarily you can pull alarm module out (make sure key is off when pulling/inserting) and it will eliminate the chime, but also seat belts, and all other alarms.

Take a look at this schematic fef you '95 has a RAP module (Retained Accessory Power) F-Body's went to BCM in '96. Note that the door jamb switch (lower center) also feeds the RAP. RAP feeds power too radio, door locks, windows till door is opened. My guess would be the 'door always open' signal from the jamb switch is messing up you RAP operation...

threehourshower 04-26-2013 07:17 PM

Re: headlight buzzer wont turn off???
ive solved the constant headlight chime and the gauges issue i was having, but i do indeed still have the intermittent problem. ive only recently acquired this z28, so im not sure of its history (guy i got it from looked like rick ross :D) but i can tell you it doesnt have an alarm, or at least i dont have a keyfob for one. i havent seen an aftermarket brain anywhere either.. ive replaced the door jamb switch already, and it works properly if you ignore the chime that remains when you take the key out. it still turns off when i close the door though so thats good. im still assuming thats an ignition column problem, so please correct me if im wrong.

so at this point im concluding that the intermittent problem is my RAP module, is there any soldering that can be done to correct bad contacts? ive only seen the guide for late model fourth gens, and many say that RAP modules are difficult to find, and expensive if you can manage to locate one. im no stranger to electrical work, and i can even microsolder if the need arises, but i cant believe there isnt a guide to solve this problem for early-model fourth gens. maybe ill write one up to kickstart my membership here :D

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