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camarosource 10-16-2013 03:36 AM

Changing Foglight Bulb in 1992 Camaro Z28 : HOW?
So today I tried to change the foglight bulb myself and I was shocked that it's not easy!

I tried from the front reaching my hand thru the grill thru the foglight opening and then realized I needed to be double jointed to curl my wrist backwards to grab and twist the socket.

I then used two hands one on each side and used a finger on each side of the socket but then you have the button you have to press at the same time while turning so that didn't help.

In fact I nearly cut my wrists getting my hands BACK out.

So I tried from behind.. Put it on a lift and thought I could just reach under.. Course that didn't work as the Baffle is completely covering access.

Removed the deflector to be able to get more room to reach my arm thru the two ducts themselves as your shoulder hits it. It allowed SOME more room but still you are completely blind.

Mechanic was watching and took over and he cursed (under his breath) the whole time ending up taking 30 mins to do this!

He was stumped and all he could do was do the same thing as me and reach thru the ducting under the car behind the foglights themselves. This means your entire arm is inside and can barely reach inside to the end and then have to twist the socket.

Was a REAL PITA!!!

I've looked in Chilton (while says "foglamps" in the index for 6-35, there is infact NO mention of foglights in the manual; just headlights). And Hayes doesn't mention it either.

Googles results with nothing except a IROC-Z video from 1aauto except for the fact that ALL trim under the car was removed..

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