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Freak2180 05-11-2013 12:58 PM

I've been visiting the local 1/8 mile over the last month and honestly I'm a bit disappointed.

95 formula T-Top 125Xxx miles

Mild cam.....specs unknown
TB bypass
Stock exhaust mani's
Stock y pipe
High flow cat
Magnaflow 3in cat back

Stock 4L60e
2500-2800 stall
3.73 gears.....
Stock Aburn posi
Steel drive shaft
Poly trans mount

2 pt welded subframe conectors
Boxes stock rear control arms
Full poly bushing kit
KYB Gas A just shocks
Stock front springs
Monroe cargo rear springs
Heater hose mod

Tuning....... Came with the car and I have no clue what it is or has been adjusted.

What times should I expect to be seeing with this setup?!?

What I was seeing.... With old stall ( stock )
Reaction .086-.026
60 ft. 2.4-2.5
Mph. 76.xx-77.xx
Time 9.01-9.1

New stall...... 2500-2800
Reaction. .126-.083
60 ft. 2.2-2.1
Mph. 76.xx- 77.xx
Time. 9.17-9.22

Old stall was really chattery and would try to push the vehicle while in gear at stop lights. New stall sits nice till the go pedal is pressed.

I'm just baffled as to why my E/T is slower. I would have assumed it would have gotten a lil faster.
Before I was constantly getting hard neck breaking shifts and chirping 2nd gear....
Now it just rolls int 2nd and not nearly as hard of a shift.

I also noticed as the night progressed if I made back to back passes each pass was slower.

Any ideas or insite. I'm new to this so I'm kinda list as to what to expect from these cars.

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