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YBSTOCK 12-24-2013 06:22 PM

Bad RAP Module
Hey guys, got a problem. It's cold here and my drivers side window is stuck down. Neither one of my windows work or the radio or the low coolant level light which had been on for awhile. I'm pretty sure the rap module is bad and I have one coming from gm. My problem is that I tried to hard wire the blue and brown wire today directly off the window motor and it still didn't move but using a test light to do the hard wiring the light kept lighting up like I was completing a circuit. How likely is it that the motor is shot if it was working great before the rap module quit working. Could the hardwire I tried be back feeding following the path of least resistance completing the circuit through the rap or is the window motor screwed. 94 z28 by the way. It didn't have a bcm. Thanks guys.

GaryDoug 12-24-2013 10:28 PM

Re: Bad RAP Module
Which wires did you try to hot wire? The ones at the window motor, the ones at the express down module, or the ones at the RAP module?

To convert your wiring from RAP to non-RAP, you should remove the RAP module and, at the RAP connectors, jumper the red wire to the pink wire, and the brown wire to the dark blue wire. The low coolant light will not work correctly without a RAP module (too dim and fluctuating), but then it wasn't working right anyway, correct?

YBSTOCK 12-25-2013 12:10 AM

Re: Bad RAP Module
I tried to hot wire the window motor directly. I have a new rap module coming so I'll have that installed Thursday. I like the rap function and also the express down function so I'll be keeping those. I just stripped some insulation off the dark blue wire and the brown wire then hooked a wire with alligator clips to the negative post on a charged car Battery Then To THE Brown wire. The dark blue wire I jumped to the positive post on the battery with a test light wire and the light on the test light lit up but the motor didn't do anything.

GaryDoug 12-25-2013 07:55 AM

Re: Bad RAP Module
The window switch controls the motor direction by swapping the connections to the motor. Perhaps you had the connection that lowers the motor instead of raising it. Try just reversing the connections (+12 and ground) to raise it. Make sure you are using the test lamp correctly. It should connect to ground and the point you want to check, not inline with a single wire. Best bet: don't use it at all in this case.

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