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z28princessk 08-27-2013 10:12 AM

98 Camaro Won't Start..
My 98 Z28's key fob broke so i have been using the key to unlock the car. The alarm went off and i put the key in the ignition and turned it. The alarm stopped going off but the dash lights wouldnt come on. The fuel pump primed and the radio came on but thats all that happened. The car didnt even try to turn over. The flashing security light on the dash that lets you know its armed wont stop flashing but the security code light on the gages doesnt come on. the headlights that are normally automatic only come on if you manually turn them on. Checked the fuses and relays, Jump started the battery, and it isnt the key. Security problem or ignition problem?? im getting mixed reviews..

Oh PS i have had the typical BCM issues with the cars radio and windows for the whole year i have had it.. Possibly the BCM? Suggestions? anyone else ever had this happen? this is my 3rd camaro and i have never seen anything like this.. :confused:


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