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Jake Guzman 05-03-2013 11:59 AM

95 z28 Overheating
Hey I've got a 95 z28 and it overheats when It idles for a bit. I mean it get all the way up to the red and I have to pull over to let it cool, right now it's just sitting garaged. It's got a new lt1 thermostat, radiators been flushed, new fans, new fan relay. The transmission recently went out (1st gear went out), it's an auto. It would slip every now and again. Mechanic said it was the tranny slipping causing it to over heat. Also the car backfires when it's in drive, not as much when in overdrive. Any and all help is appreciated. I'm getting a new tranny from gm.

Injuneer 05-03-2013 05:44 PM

Re: 95 z28 Overheating
Probably would have been a good idea to continue the discussion in this thread:

You indicate the problem occurs when the engine is idling, but then you indicate you have to "pull over". Does it also overheat at low speeds? ... at high speeds?

There are 3 fan relays - have you checked them all?

Have you checked the fusible link in the power supply to the fans?

Do the fans come on when you switch on the A/C?

In your earlier post, it seemed to be hitting 260*F while driving, because you said you couldn't answer GaryDougs question about whether the fans were running. Now that it's overheating at idle, have you verified the fans are in fact running?

Have you scanned it for codes?

Has the water pump ever been replaced? How many miles on it?

Jake Guzman 05-05-2013 05:53 PM

Re: 95 z28 Overheating
The fans come on when the A/c is turned on, it would be fine for a bit then it would start getting hot of I got up to highway speeds it would cool down a bit them go back up when I had to stop at a light. It only overheats at low speeds, I haven't scanned it for codes. Water pump was replaced, it was brand new. The water pump can't have more than 200 miles on it. Unless you mean the car, the car has 148,xxx

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