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93 Z28 Maintenance Question

Bought a 93 Z28 manual with 140000 miles. Car runs great and no issues. Got it for a steal and I wanted to know what maintenance I should look into for a Z28 with higher miles, specifically what parts to replace.

I have about $1000 to work with and want to take care of any potential problems now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: 93 Z28 Maintenance Question

There is some information here
that is more in terms of best mods, but some or most is applicable to a stock 93 with 140000 miles.
Things wear out. Things need attention and checking

First start with fluid levels. Coolant, oil, brake fluid. Power steering, clutch or trans fluid levels.
Then assess the condition of the fluids.
New oil and filter would be in order. VR1 works for me, and WIX filters.
Flush your heater core and new thermostat. stock is 195, but most use 180 or 160. My 93 runs too cold with 160, it has the 180 in it now.
Check brake pads, and flex hoses. Replace if worn.
Replace air filter and check for vacuum leaks around the manifold and TB

Clean or replace your O2 sensors. They affect almost every stage of your tune.

Replace your coil. Check your ICM while you have it out. Auto stores will test it for free.
While you have it there, get the store to test your battery and alternator function/condition. Replace what is bad.
Run some injector cleaner through the gas every few tanks. Cant hurt.
Change your spark plugs and any plug wires that look burned or worn. The plugs are a big chore, and hard to access, but with patience you will succeed.
Check your plugs for signs of fouling or dead wires.

That is a start.

Then go to shoebox's site here, and look at what you can do.
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Re: 93 Z28 Maintenance Question

Don't forget the PCV valve. Check the other side of the PCV system, the air supply line that runs from the passenger side of the throttle body to the valve cover. If there are signs of oil accumulation, check under the top cover plate on the throttle body for a puddle of oil, and then check the throttle body itself for a black sludge buildup.

Don't forget the differential lube.

Flush your heater core and new thermostat. stock is 195, but most use 180 or 160. My 93 runs too cold with 160, it has the 180 in it now.
Stock t'stat is 180*F, due to the LT1's "reverse flow" cooling system. Do not us a 195*.

The 93 may appear to run cool, but it's not actually. The scale on the 93 coolant temp gauge is screwed up, and different than all other years, and misleading. It starts at 100*F on the bottom line, but that line is labeled 160*F on all other years.

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