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Answers to Common Forum Questions

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I just registered or just changed my e-mail address and I never for the confirmation/verification e-mail. Why?
The two main reasons for this are:
The e-mail was sent to your e-mail address, but it got caught in a spam filter. It you use Hotmail, AOL or another service that offers spam protection, check your spam/junk mail folders. We do not ever send spam, but sometimes the confirmation/verification e-mail gets mistaken for it.
-- OR --
The e-mail was sent, but never made it to you because your e-mail address was entered incorrectly when you filled out the form. We are amazed that people think that their e-mail address is something like "[email protected]". Be sure your e-mail address is correct when filling out the form.
Why is my post count not changing?
Posts in non-resource forums such as the Lounge and Suggestion Box do not count toward your post count.
Why is there flood control?
Flood control is a necessity. It keeps people from "flooding" the site and slowing it down. Consider it like a rev limiter for posting and searching on the site.

While it may be a minor inconvenience to have to wait a few extra seconds before making a consecutive post, it is much better than waiting a lot longer all the time, such as not only posting and searching but also loading and reading pages.
Can I have my user name changed?
Taken from the new user creation page:

"Due to the large size of this community, User Name change requests are overwhelming. Please be sure to choose a User Name that you will be happy with as it will NOT be able to be changed."
My Private Message area is full, but when I go my inbox, I see no messages.
Make sure that the "Show Messages From:" pulldown is set to "the beginning". Also, ALL messages count toward your total allowable massages amount. Be sure to check your "Sent Items", and your "Message Tracking" folders in the "Jump to folder:" pulldown.
I received a site newsletter in my PM box, and I don't want to receive any more!
First and foremost, we despise any unsolicited messages (spam) and would never want to send anyone a message that they didn't want to receive. When we send a newsletter out via private message, we only send to those who give us explicit permission to send them the newsletter when they create an account on this message board or specify in their User CP. This setting is often overlooked.


1) CLICK HERE to go to the "Edit Options" section of your account profile. (You must be logged in to perform this action).

2) Scroll to the second category called "Messaging & Notification" and notice the option marked "Receive Email from Administrators and subscribe to Site Newsletters via private message."
- CHECK the box to continue receiving site newsletters via private message
- UNCHECK the box to stop receiving site newsletters via private message

3) Scroll down and click "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen.

Additionally, we never give out a member's information. People who do that suck and should be destroyed.
I just got a pop-up from this site/I think I got spyware from this site
We do not intentionally serve pop-up advertising of any kind on this site and we certinaly do not intentionally serve any programs or browser plug-ins that contain spyware. Like most people, we have an extreme dislike for anything like that. However, once in a while a pop-up slips through from one of our advertising partners. This is extremely rare.

If you notice a pop-up while visiting this site, it is most likely due to spyware already on your computer or a "time-bomb" pop-up that was initiated from a site you previously visited. If you are absolutely 100% sure the pop-up (or similar) was initiated from this site, feel free to e-mail us but please include proof so we can look into it.

It is suggested that you use Mozilla or Firefox or the Google Toolbar to eliminate pop-ups from your entire web-surfing experience.
I am having techical problems with my Team Mail or CZ28.Com Web Space.
Those services are not run by CamaroZ28.Com directly, but are third parties in partnership with CamaroZ28.Com. If you need technical support for any of those services, please use the following:

For Team Mail - Contact us and please as as specific and complete as possible with all details
For CZ28.Com Web Space - Click here

To log in to your CZ28.Com web space, Click here.
What is this site's policy on self-promotion of other sites?
We welcome owners from other sites who come to this site to contribute to it with information from their sources.

When someone is referencing their own news and/or information site with a link on this one, accompanying content (in quote form or otherwise) must also be provided to allow the continuation of the conversation on this site without having to leave this site and go to another site to see what is being referenced.

The amount of accompanying content should to be at least enough so that a link is not required but is optional for the post to be complete and people to have enough information to reply to it. Otherwise it can be easily mistaken for "linkdumping" which is also unpaid advertising or spam.

This is the most fair way of doing this and everyone involved will benefit.

We thank everyone for honoring this policy so that we can continue the unobstructed flow of information to and from multiple sources.

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