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ChrisFrez 11-14-2010 10:04 AM

Podcast #271 - Chevrolet reveals Camaro Convertible on Facebook.
Podcast #271

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Chevrolet reveals Camaro Convertible on Facebook.

We start off the show this week talking about the new official pictures that Chevrolet has released of the Camaro Convertible on Facebook for the LA Auto show.

To celebrate veteran’s day, CamaroZ28.Com presents a wonderful video taking a tour around the entire American Pride Camaro. Hosted by Scott “The Fbodfather” Settlemire and artist Mickey Harris. This powerful video provides an in-depth look at this incredible piece of artwork.

Do you want to win some tires from Nitto? Just Like them on Facebook for a chance to win!

Jason thinks there may be a slight similarity in the new Chevy Runs Deep commercial to his Bring on the Storm conception commercial he made in 2006. You be the judge. What do you think?

We have a few voicemails for the week. Get your voicemails in for a chance to win a CamaroZ28.COM prize pack at the end of the month when we choose a winner.

What do you think of the new Max and Al advertising campaign for the Duramax Diesel and Allison Transmission.

We think we have found the funniest Top Gear episode ever with the testing of a Reliant Robin. Tell us what you think. Did you laugh as hard as we did?

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JBsC6 11-20-2010 07:50 AM

Re: Podcast #271 - Chevrolet reveals Camaro Convertible on Facebook.
You guys always have great podcasts.. I think I prefer the camaro SS coupe over the convertible...although as a drop top the camaro SS does remind me of my 69 convertible firebird that I had back in the mid seventies.

I had the motor and suspension worked and had it beautifully repainted its original bright yellow paint job and black interior and top..

Back then we had a big kick on white letter tires...on rallye wheels...I think they were dunlop GT Qualifers in F70 series radials..

That was a big tire back then..

For those of us who enjoyed those late 60's convertibles....this new convertible camaro is awesome.

For all those whinning about weight? If I remember correctly....that 69 convertible I owned weighed in at 3600 lbs and had a pretty flexible chassis.. LOL

Wind leaks by the windows was huge from day one...and it wasn't anywhere near the handling capability of todays any way shape or form..

List MSRP of that 69 convertible 350 was 3500 dollars...and it didn't have air conditioning or power windows and locks..It came with an am radio too.. so in todays dollars I'd have to suggest we're getting a better bang for the buck if that matters ...considering how much safer, faster, better handling, much quieter and more reliable...

I could live without that rear trunk antenna on the new vehicle but thats a small price to pay for open air motoring..

Still....A Z28 LSA powered coupe would be the vehicle of choice ...IMO

And thanks again for chosing me as the winner of last months podcast callers...

Bayer-Z28 11-20-2010 10:34 PM

Re: Podcast #271 - Chevrolet reveals Camaro Convertible on Facebook.
OMFG!!! LMMFAO!!!!!!! (top gear) That is PRICELESS!!!!!

You can replace Top Gear, but you can't replace those crazy britts! :lol: :lol:

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