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Haven't been here in a while!

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Re: Haven't been here in a while!

Checking in myself... Glad to see it's still here.
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Re: Haven't been here in a while!

Originally Posted by guionM View Post
Funny... I was sitting here on break deciding if I was going to do the press days at the LA show (I shipped it last year and only did a day year before). I remembered I used to post here, wondered who was left, and still remembered my password, and it seems I was beaten to the punch... 😊

No kidding this place was on fire 10 to 15 years ago! When you get to a point automotive engineers, marketers, and even product managers and product czars monitored or even contributed under aliases, that's something pretty insane when you look at this place now...

As for the 6th gen Camaro I love everything about the styling, inside and out. But whoever threw in the flag regarding the back seats and trunk space should be flogged. Every single dimension of the 6th gen exactly matches the Mustang. Yet the Mustang has a bigger trunk and a back that a human being can get into and sit for a few blocks without it being cruel and unusual punishment. Short of being a double amputee, there's no way for someone to sit back there unless the front seat is against the dash...

Also, the price is way to high. Even Chevy admits it (via Mark Reuss not denying Camaro sales would be helped by a SS competitively priced against a RT and GT ( though now the latter' price has also jumped into hyperspace)...

Last note, around the time people started drifting to other sites, GM and Chrysler were coming out of bankruptcy, and guys were saying all types of crazy nonsense...

GM was going to make nothing but hybrids and electrics, Chrysler was going to have a big Fiat sign on their building and sell nothing but 500 derivatives. That the Feds were going to ruin everything.... Never mind that the alternative would have been the collapse of both, hundreds of thousands unemployed, a cascade collapse of any town, city, area, or area that was dependent on the car industry, and the probability that other carmakers would have pulled out as the supplier industry was decimated....

Yet here we are today with both companies strong than they've ever been, making some of the fastest, quickest cars known to mankind with quality on par with anything from Japan and....gasp....Europe.... At anywhere near the same price, or even a few grand more....

It's been a wild ride these years. I'm not as bullish on the future as I was back in the "Dark days". Self driving cars, electric sedans which while are stunningly quick, have no personality. China and Europe looking at banning sales of internal combustion engines, it's only a matter of time before we wind up in the same boat as them... But at least we're talking well over a decade....

For now, we're living the golden age of the automobile. And if Chrysler is still making a 2 door coupe and has its replacement on deck (the current Challenger was only supposed to be around 4 or 5 years tops.... It's on year NINE now!) the immediate future of rear drive sporty coupes is nowhere near as dark as it was back when this site was catching on fire, with the death of the 4th gen, talking about making a 5th gen could get you fired from GM, and Mustang was the only game in town....

Who knows, maybe rear wheel drive V8 sporty coupes wind up being the only cars with internal combustion engines that sell in the future, and everyone wants them. 🤔

Hey Guy! Those were the days my friend! Eighteen years ago I had so much excitement over what might be coming in the future. Now I'm sort of, meh. Probably why I now own 4 low mile IROC-Zs.
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Re: Haven't been here in a while!

I used to have several responses within seconds of posting. I guess I'll stop by in a couple months and check on this thread!
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Re: Haven't been here in a while!

I was more a lurker than a contributor here. I remember logging in several times a day to get the latest in automotive news. It was here I first learned about the Saturn Sky which I bought in '06 and still own.
i thought I would log in to see if there was any discussion on the 2019 Camaro or the announcement from Ford discontinuing most of their passenger cars.
I am not terribly excited for the future of the industry. The most interesting cars are too expensive, have too many electronics and horribly heavy.

Good to see some old faces still around at least periodically.
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Re: Haven't been here in a while!

It's cool to see people with 5 or 6 digit posts! Just joined and I am liking the community so far, will get up there eventually!
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Re: Haven't been here in a while!

Originally Posted by DrewHMS97SS View Post
FB groups are lame, not to mention the mechanics about how the news feed functions. New age kids need to find the beauty of forums!
Fascistbook is a CIA dating mining **** organization. Blocked me 30 days merely for sharing my own personal story from 32 years is part of the cabal which I was posting about here decades ago, long b4 it even existed. As is Google, YouTube, and the entire operation mockingbird media....#WWG1WGA.....
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Re: Haven't been here in a while!

Itís been forever since Iíve been on here. After being adrift in the automotive world Iíve recently gotten back on track by picking up this beauty:
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Re: Haven't been here in a while!

Welcome to 2019, friends. I'm back into a 1st gen project, so it's like the years never passed.
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