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Need4Camaro 08-17-2014 11:39 PM

Need Headliner Ideas
I have a 99 Z28 Sunset Orange, Tan Leather Interior and Black Carpet.

My headliner and sunvisors are falling apart and its irritating me to look at it this way. Should I go with an ABS headliner and have it painted Sunset Orange to match the outside of my car or just go with a Fabric Headliner, the same as stock? I dont want to look ricey but I kind of do want to do something custom.

Also is there any additional work needed to paint an ABS headliner besides painting / clearcoating?

ZeeS7o7 03-18-2015 10:42 AM

Re: Need Headliner Ideas
I'm sure your done with this by now lol if not I would think hard about putting a color that shows dirt easy (Orange). I would stick with black IMO.

If you look I'm sure you can find a good deal on a new or used headliner...I think where off the top of my head.

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