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bigz28man 08-29-2012 09:43 AM

2nd project started (even faster)
So I have begun my second project car as I'm finishing up my 97' Z28. My project is this: I will be purchasing a silver 2002 SS camaro and doing a 98-02 to a 93-97 conversion on the front end (yes Im taking a ls car and making it look like a lt car) and making this 02' SS look exactly identical to my 97' Z with the exception of the badges. as of right now I have to the following part.

1. complete lt1 front bumper (with lights and absorber)
2. lt1 front fenders
3. Lt1 SS hood
4. rear wings west ground effects
5. driver and passenger side wings west ground effects

parts still needed

1. front wings west ground effect
2. rksport performance rear spoiler

Performance goal for this vehicle....spoke with Chad at golen motor works, Chad and his guys at golen will be doing a supercharged 427 Ls7 motor for this vehicle, with a foreseeable hp goal of 820 hp. I cant wait to see the looks on the rustang guys when they have been just slaughtered by this ls7 powered lt1 looking f-body

bigz28man 08-29-2012 09:55 AM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
my garage. stopped by So.jerZ-28 from ls1tech house last night and picked up the rear bumper cover and rear ground effects along with side skirts

benhart21 08-30-2012 04:35 AM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
This interests me, but I'm not sure why.

bigz28man 08-30-2012 08:28 AM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
well as we all know the lt1 platform is a fading market, not to mention that the lt1 ignition system (opti) and pcm (tuning) are nightmares in themselves. I have always admired the endless possibilities with the lsx motor but never really found the ls camaro to be eye appealing (the lt's just seem to have this pissed-off look to them) so I figured I would build a car that had the platform to make some serious hp and swap out the front clip to have the look I find pleasing. Also as with my first project car I have been in constant contact with chad over at Golen motor work this project as it will be taking on a supercharged ls7 427. Chad is confident that he can deliver me a motor that puts out over 800hp without breaking a sweat.

bigz28man 09-01-2012 08:48 AM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
4 Attachment(s)
As you guys can see my garage has been filling up with parts for my 2002 SS that will soon be in my hands.

Attachment 7046
Attachment 7047
Attachment 7048
Attachment 7049

Evolution223 09-05-2012 08:07 PM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
awesome stuff, i would keep it street legal and troll all over imports with it.

bigz28man 09-06-2012 08:37 AM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
for the most part the car will be street legal I wont be running cats, will do kooks lt headers, with true dual exhaust after the collectors.
Spoke with chad over at golen this is what will be going in a BMR front K-member.

bigz28man 09-06-2012 08:41 AM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
i have to get measurement off the top of the supercharger. I need to find out what is the height of this motor compared to a n/a lsx motor thats running a stock intake manifold. I need to make sure that the SS hood (pictured) will fit. may be doing some cutting to the underside of the hood and reglassing smooth.

lymlyt96 09-06-2012 04:52 PM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)

bigz28man 09-07-2012 09:13 AM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
Called BMR today .... decided to order this kit for the car

bigz28man 09-08-2012 03:41 PM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
I going to need this thread moved to the forced induction section....anyways chad and I spoke again yesterday... unsure if this whipple supercharger will work in a ( lt1 style engine bay w/ stock lt1 SS hood) so we talked about a F1 pro charger only issue there is pluming, Procharger puts their pluming where the the Ls air lid sits....I on this project wont have that nor want that so things are going to get interesting quick.

Just so I'm on the same page with everyone when I say and refer to "Lt1" I'm not speaking of the motor I'm referring to the the body style of those years (93-97')

bigz28man 09-15-2012 03:52 PM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
2 Attachment(s)
Attachment 6924
Attachment 6925

here they are guys, was able to get both of the cars together my 97' Z28 & 02' SS.

bigz28man 09-16-2012 07:46 AM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)

The wife took this photo the other day of me and the two ladies, figured I'd post it up.

markwoods99cama 09-16-2012 07:10 PM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
i have a 99 camaro i hit a deer and put a 1996 clip on it i like the looks of the 93-97 look better i have to get the hood hinges yet but it wasnt hard to do

bigz28man 09-16-2012 08:35 PM

Re: 2nd project started (even faster)
Can you please send me info/ photo on how you removed the air lid....did you run cia?

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