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zkaubisch6167 04-06-2010 04:11 AM

89 IROC-Z, fuel line question
I have an 89 IROC that I bought maybe a month ago. Was driving home from school about a week ago and as I begin to go up a fairly steep hill, the car began to lose power. The engine and tranny are a little funny in the car already, lotta rough miles by previous owners. I downshifted hoping that it was just that the hill was a little steep for that gear, but no dice. Something similar had happened before on the interstate, what it does is loses power, and if I step on the gas the revs will actually drop more than if I let it coast. RPMs get pretty low and it'll almost die, then chug back up to 2000, then down. First time, it died, and I started it after a few minutes and it was fine. 2nd time, it didn't die, just took a few minutes of the up and down with the revs till it was normal again and I kept going.

This time, I had to park in a driveway until I could get it towed. It won't start, and it seems that it isn't getting fuel. Spark is fine, tested that. Pump comes on, primes, and when I crank it, you can hear it trying to push the gas but it's not getting to the motor. Also, when I first brought it home it was leaking gas after I tried starting it, it looked like it was coming from around the filter.

My technical knowledge is fairly novice when it comes to cars, all my experience is in my Honda and that's pretty limited, but it seems to me that spark is fine, pump is fine, and the filter is just clogged to the point that the car can't get enough fuel to do much of anything. Now, my problem. I have a new filter, but I can't get the old one off. I've put all my strength behind it, and I'm a fairly strong guy but I can't get the fittings off. Is there something I'm missing here maybe, that keeps the fittings locked into place? Or is it just that badly rusted? The whole underbody of the car is pretty bad looking, I don't know what the hell the last guy did to it or if it's just the fact that it's older than I am. Some suggestions I've been given are to just cut the filter and attach new fittings on the lines, then install the replacement, but I have no clue how to do that or what's involved, tool and part-wise. I've also considered just taking out the entire fuel line and bypass the rusted filter problem, is that a possible option, or too much work/money? Also, for either decision, is it something a shop should do, or can I do it with the help of my haynes manual, and friends and family that DO know their way around a car?

I apologize for any grave errors of ignorance, this is the first Camaro I've owned, and only the 2nd vehicle I've taken an interest into doing work on myself. If I suggested anything terribly stupid, please take it easy on me :(

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
Also, I hope to be at least somewhat active on here with this build, this is my first post although I've come here before to check other problems the car has had, or just for general questions others have asked.

Z28SORR 04-06-2010 09:29 AM

Get new lines!!

zkaubisch6167 04-06-2010 11:11 AM

Finally managed to get the filter off. It was clean. Replaced it anyway, tried to start it, no go. Decided to try something else and learned the car only fires up if I shoot starter fluid into throttle body, dies once it uses that up. Can a fuel pump make noise as if it were working, yet not actually be pushing gas?

rik89gta 04-06-2010 03:57 PM

Have you checked your fuel pressure?

zkaubisch6167 04-06-2010 06:27 PM

Not yet but I will once I get the gauge. Starting to think maybe the pump is trying to work, just isn't enough pressure.

byrons1502 04-13-2010 09:07 PM

The pump could be spinnign but have a bad pulsator on the pump that allows the fuel to "leak" inside the tank. It will make noise but no pressure. Get a pressure gauge and check it to be sure. But if it is the no pressure problem replace the pulsator(should be above the fuel pump) with a small ssection of hose(normally with the pump). Please do not get an autozone pump. At least get a a/c delco pump.

Quarantine 04-14-2010 10:10 AM

Zlaubisch..Sounds like my camaro I just bought,the guy messed a few things up and now I have to spend money I don't have to fix all this stuff up.Glad to see another guy building in here.I too plan on letting everyone know how my project is going with my 86 Iroc.Both door locks broke,need to get all new seats and carpet,new dashboard and techometer,hole in the intake manifold that the guy said HE patched up (lol),the tail pipes end in the middle of the car not out the back like normal people,my machanic said I might Need a whole new exuast system(DAMN)

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