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Old 02-23-2010, 06:46 AM   #31
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I just hope we don't end up with hyper-explode-it pistons in the LSA Z28. HUD would be nice. Add more interior and exterior colors. Tell them to pony up and spend $3 on the sun visors instead of the $1 deal they got, maybe they won't be so crappy.

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funny...we wanted to have a new Camaro for years and when it finally comes with a fabulous motor...transmission, world class looks and yes.... handing and a unique retro interior that is pretty damned neat with ambient lighting and great quality in and out and some of the best chassis engineering GM has ever produced....all we do is complain.
Whatever the disciples come up with ....track pack... lower weight( ...major interior changes (maybe a few improved materials but not a deal breaker for me)...these things will NOT be changed till next generation and I hope not in a major way.... Forget about GM or any automobile company(the vaunted Toyota runs 5 yr minimum cycles now cause wholesale changes are just too expensive...tooling has got to be paid for) in a five year cycle making the type of changes I read over and over on this generation. This car is cooked in and is being built for the next few years in one of the best plants in the world....Financing/lease deals etc....hopefully will come "slower" than faster....My resale depends on it....
What I kind of get a laugh about is the flat out adulation on the street for the car and its dynamic chopped look(as far as think this is one of the car's best features and makes the car soo unique) and flat out bitching about on line.
They got it right 95% and for me that is more than enough for my 5 yr loan.
There will always be a better "car" in the rags according to the editors of magazines that dont live with the car day to day. There will never be another Camaro. A mustang to me is just another Ford. Terrible looks, good interior, equal performance this year.....finally .... for sure and just plain too many of them on the street in my area for now. Camaro's will start popping up more for sure this summer but I cant even imagine telling my buddies I bought a Ford.... and please dont get me going on guys comparing my stunning Black 2SS to a Hyundai or whatever else has been mentioned....
I think Camaro hit the nail on the head as a middle ground between Challenger and Mustang....prettiest gal at the party always gets picked up. Her girlfriends might be 10 pds slimmer but trust me she is the one who you want to be with !
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Given the timing, I have to assume that this meeting is about the 6th gen, and not about the more short-term plans for the 5th gen. However, I'll address this in both contexts:

If we're talking about plans for the 5th gen:
  • There is really no reason for any Camaro to have subpar steering or handling. Mustang GT w/ track pack should be the benchmark here. Even the LS should have class-leading handling.
  • If there is any weight to be saved, anywhere at all, do it. Every ounce you can trim within the budget should be trimmed.
  • If the budget supports an interior redesign, do that too. Some like the retro interior, but I think the majority don't (although they tolerate it so that they can have what is otherwise a great car). A modern interior would be a very nice touch.
  • Navigation (real nav with a screen like the CTS, not turn-by-turn) should be an option.
  • If anything can be done to increase the size of the trunk opening or improve rearward visibility (and I'm talking about real visibility, not cameras and display screens), some tweaks in these regards would be appreciated.
  • Cooled seats. Please!
If we're talking about plans for the 6th gen:

Please give Camaro what it deserves: a no-compromises platform. Share it with whatever you want (ATS?), but I'm thinking it should be a from-scratch design with low weight in mind.

Almost everyone loves the 5th gen's looks, and we all appreciate that it was so faithful to the concept. However, there are no such expectations for the 6th gen, so please give us something more practical. Compared to a hatchback 4th gen with huge rear glass, the 5th gen's practicality is almost comical. The biggest deficiencies are in rearward visibility and the size of the trunk opening. The 6th gen doesn't have to be a hatchback, but I wouldn't rule that out.

In addition to that, please take into account everything I said about the 5th gen.

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Originally Posted by JakeRobb View Post
  • If there is any weight to be saved, anywhere at all, do it. Every ounce you can trim within the budget should be trimmed.
  • Navigation (real nav with a screen like the CTS, not turn-by-turn) should be an option.
  • Cooled seats. Please!
The latter two bullet points would not seem to go hand-in-hand with the first.

I'd forget about the trunk opening, enlarging it would mean structural changes at this point. I'm guessing anything they discuss related to the 5th Gen will be cosmetic in nature. Perhaps it is to discuss the Z28 package?
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I believe the interior of this car should be reworked. Re-design the IP, centerstack, steering wheel and shifter with a more modern theme, and many people that are turned off by the current motif would have a second look. I like the exterior well enough, and think a Z28 convertible would be perfect, with a revamped interior.
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White Leather WOULD BE AWESOME....

Any Convertible info would be great too
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Old 02-23-2010, 08:38 PM   #37
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Track pack should essentially be a no brainer. It shouldn't even be that difficult to implement. And make it available on the base car (with the bonus of the SS Brembos).
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6th gen issues:

1. "Total package". Set the Camaro on "kill" mode. There is no reason that the car can't be the best in it's class at an affordable price. Hopefully with the platform carrying other models, the cost will be spread out more. Blow the competition away. It should have an interior at least as good as an entry-level luxury car. It should be the fastest, best-handling, best-braking pony car ever. At least until the 7th gen comes out

2. A V8 is a necessity.

3. I'd like to see the Z/28 become the Z06, not the GT500.

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Originally Posted by Z284ever View Post
Beyond that, I agree with your point that any major changes will need to be digested and reserved for the 6th gen car.
This really depends on the timeline for the 6th Gen. I have seen a lot of detail regarding Alpha. I have not seen anything official regarding a Chevy Variant. That doesn't mean it is not planned. But, Camaro is clearly not the lead program and there appears to be multiple Cadillac variants ahead of it.

So when will we see the 6th Gen? If it is 5 or 6 years away, then GM can not sit on thier Laurels and let the 5th Gen rot on the vine. Lets not forget that the 4th gen cars sold very well the first couple of years also.

There are fixable things on the 5th gen that can make the car better. These things need to be addressed.

In my opinion, the current Mustang is ahead of the Camaro. This doesn't even consider Mustang's new powertrains yet either. The Ford boys definetly came out swinging. GM better get busy!
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Another thing I would like to see on this car is the same size tires all around. 245's up front do not look right and is probably the single biggest factor for the car having a slight hesitation on turn-in. This will make for easier tire rotation, replacement, etc. Place 275's all around and I would bet that there wouldn't even be a need for a track pack.
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I wish the LS3 didn't have to hide under a cheap looking, cheesy, engine cover.

See Mustang's 5.0 for reference.
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1) Lose weight

2) Bigger engine to compete with the Mustang and Challenger ( rumors of a 6.4L Hemi V8 for the Challenger)
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Build the Camaro Dusk Concept.
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For the next one, please give me a larger greenhouse. Outward visibility is important to me for a daily driver.

Smaller / lighter are good too (when are they not?).
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Originally Posted by holeshot View Post
4) Did I mention it needs to be lighter! 4000 lb “Pony Car” is an Oxymoron
But not unprecedented. Other than the 4100 pound Challenger...

Highly optioned versions of:
'70 Challenger (especially the 'vert) with 440
Mid 70s 455 Trans Am
'71 Mustang with 429

Some of these are highly valuable (maybe not a 1975 Trans Am, but a 1973 Super Duty, though I don't remember whether those came with A/C, auto, power everything...). If they weren't 4000 pounds full of fluids, they were darn close, and all fine ponies (of the large variety )
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