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realistic do able changes to improve the 5th gen

Change the pedal arrangement on manual cars so we can heal and toe without having a size 14 shoe and helm joint for an ankle

A steering wheel that isn't so massive or thick. Heck, the Corvette/Cobalt wheel would be better than what we have now.

No more retro gauge cluster for speedo and tach. Need something we can read

get rid of the mail slot

A better exhaust note. An 86 Iroc or 93 LT1 has a deeper sound that makes it sound like muscle car. The 5th gen is is too high pitch.

Something more aggressive exterior treatments so we can tell an SS from a V6 base car. This should NOT be just a stripe or graphics package. (heck the wheels are the same on V6 V8 cars) it should make a statement without being obnoxious. Note how an M3 doesn't look like a garden variety 3 series and you get the idea
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Originally Posted by JasonD View Post
Right...and I'd like to ask for everyone to use one of the previously created threads dedicated to that subject and not this one. I have a lot of data to compile.
Actually that brings up an important(I think) relevant point that I think gets missed, overlooked or dismissed during debates on what badge to put on the Top Dog.

This is just my opinon,

You can build a beautiful jaw dropping monster and slap whatever badge you feel deserves to be on the best car. As a fan, I hope this happens. But the Mustang Boss is comming and there better be a competitor or Ford will eat GMs lunch.

Z28 is the Boss natural nemesis in terms of Street racing cars. What I think was cool about the Z28 idea was it was the closest to the street racer race car. My understanding is that Boss and Z28 were direct competitors. Even Scott said "Any car can be a SS, only Camaro can be a Z28" That is really cool.

The only problem I have is, you can build a monster, slap the Z28 badging on it because it deserves it, and have it destroy Boss on a track, but if you price yourself out of the market of Boss competition youve managed to please alot of people but how much will it matter? What if the Boss package just uses the same motor slightly modified with a track pack and a few key performance and weight saving tricks, again like in the spirit of the Grand Sport?

If the jump in price between SS and Z28 is huge and right now the handling on the SS is sub par then a package for the SS that could handle could be more popular, more relevant than a Z28. If there isnt a handling package slightly above SS pricepoint or built into SS it wont matter much. The only people who seem happy with SS handling are those who replaced the suspension and if most people are like me 30k for a car is already pushing it. Jumping too far over 30k for a car that wont handle is unacceptable. Well my job is on the rocks right now but thats another subject. Forget a Z28 for me unless something drastically changes. An SS 1LE possibly badged at least on the rear sail panel would satisfy the Z28 being the best all out if it gets expensive and still offer a handling car for people who cant touch something like that price wise. Something like this I think would be crucial. Badging it would differentiate it from a "regular" SS. 1LE I think would fit and I dont think anyone would go for a Z28 "lite"

There better be a competitor for the trackpack and Boss.

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Okay, everyone! That should do it. In a little while, I will be meeting up with the rest of the team and we'll do our job.

Thanks for all of the input. Without question, I will fully represent the common goals for the Camaro, and the Camaro community.
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Looking forward to hearing about it!
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good luck to you Jason when you meet GM.
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