Camaro Podcast #497 – 500,000th 5th Gen and the Official 6th Gen Camaro Announcement!

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  • Big 2016 Camaro News this week in the show!  Kick back and enjoy!
  • Talk about a big family: Chevrolet expects to deliver the 500,000th fifth-generation Camaro in the United States this month.  You can read all the details as well as see the video to celebrate (with the 6th Gen Camaro teaser) at
  • 2016 Camaro drops cover on May 16 in Detroit!  That right folks, Chevrolet will be unveiling the all new 6th Generation Camaro right at a special event at Belle Isle in Detroit.  You can be a part of this special historic event as well!  Just head over to to sign up to attend the event.  There will be approximately 1000 spots for Camaro enthusiasts to attend and participate.
  • Do you like fast cars? Do you like beer? Well, check out our new project we are working on called Gears and Beers. Let us know what you think. Episode 5 of the Gears and Beers show is now released!
  • Due to the nature of the episode, we have no voicemails or e-mails for this week. Keep your voicemails and e-mail coming. You can always hit us up on Facebook and Twitter as well.


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