Camaro Podcast #463 – Live from BBOMG 6

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  • This episode was recorded in front of a Live audience at BBOMG 6.  We get to hear from Scott and Hylton, the organizers of BBOMG 6.  We also get to hear from Mike Judge from the Oshawa Assembly Plant, as well as several other folks who attended BBOMG 6.
  • We have no voicemails this week due to the nature of the show.  Please keep your voicemails coming!
  • Do you like fast cars? Do you like beer? Well, check out our second episode of a new project we are working on called Gears and Beers. Let us know what you think.
  • Please get your stories in via voicemail or e-mail. We are looking for your Holy [email protected]#, I should be dead near miss stories and we will give a prize to the best one. We are also looking for your pictures of you listening to this podcast in your Camaro. Post your pictures to our Facebook page at and you could win a prize pack.


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