Podcast #458 – Z/28 Test Drive

June 15, 2014

Camaro Podcast

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  • Start off this episode talking about the Z/28 Test drive at Gingerman Raceway.  Check out pictures and video on the message at http://www.camaroz28.com/forums/2010-2014-camaro-news-sightings-pictures-multimedia-61/2014-camaro-z-28-drive-879592.
  • ZO6 Horsepower.
  • Z/28 final production sits at 440.
  • GM Recalls all Camaro’s.  We discuss.
  • We have 2 voicemails and no e-mails for this episode.  Do to time constraints, we had to hold off of the other voicemails we received this week. Please keep them coming in for next week.
  • BBOMG 6 is coming up soon.  Register before the end of the day on Sunday June 15th and you can win a free hotel night.
  • Do you like fast cars? Do you like beer? Well, check out our second episode of a new project we are working on called Gears and Beers. Let us know what you think. http://youtu.be/4yiSmMPfZo
  • Please get your stories in via voicemail or e-mail. We are looking for your Holy Sh@#, I should be dead near miss stories and we will give a prize to the best one. We are also looking for your pictures of you listening to this podcast in your Camaro. Post your pictures to our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/camaroz28com and you could win a prize pack.
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