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69 Camaro Full Color Wiring Diagrams

These FULL COLOR WIRING DIAGRAMS for the 69 Camaro are not the color wiring diagrams you have seen before. If you are looking for the most easily read schematics that have ever been produced for the 69 Camaro, look no further. Instead of cramming the entire electrical system into two or three pages, these schematics break down the electrical system into individual circuits. You are not distracted by wiring which is not part of the circuit you are working on.

There is one very important difference with these diagrams compared to others. The factory diagrams we have worked with in the past are noted for their inaccuracy. These diagrams are based on actual harnesses and are not just a redesign of the factory wiring diagrams. The harnesses are disassembled and accurately presented in these diagrams as they actually exist.

I will be happy to email you an actual page of the 69 Camaro Wiring Diagram so you can see the quality of these drawings. You can see for yourself that these drawings are the clearest, most readable diagrams you can buy!

All components that are in the actual wiring harness are presented, including labeled wires, connectors and splices.

All switches, relays and solenoids, gauges, senders, and any other components that have internal wiring are fully detailed to give the troubleshooter details on how the component operates. In other words, there are no empty squares drawn with a bunch of wires mysteriously disappearing into them!

All switches have terminal views to allow you to see how the wires are connected to the switch.
Never has there been this much valuable information put together into one package.

You will understand how the electrical system operates instead of just blindly following wires around the car.

These diagrams include 39 pages of:

Eleven pages of wiring diagrams, each with a description explaining how the circuit operates.
The circuit operation descriptions take the reader step-by-step on how each particular circuit operates.

Troubleshooting tips are also included to help the troubleshooter make intelligent decisions regarding the diagnosis of the problem within the circuit.

A component location index is also included with each schematic that identifies the location of every component, switch, connector, splice and ground that is installed on the vehicle.

Introduction to the theory of effective electrical troubleshooting with fully illustrated examples.

The four steps of efficient electrical troubleshooting and repair of electrical systems.

How to properly use a voltmeter, ohmmeter, test light, continuity tester, and short tester.

The easiest way to test for voltage, resistance, continuity, shorts, and voltage drops.

The 69 Camaro Wiring Diagram Diagrams will be automatically sent to you by email in Adobe Acrobat PDF. In addition to email delivery, a CD or hard copy version can also be mailed to you. Extra postage will apply for mailed formats. By emailing the diagrams to you automatically, you will have a method of printing new pages of the diagrams if your CD or hard copy ever becomes damaged or otherwise unusable.

When sending payment, please specify if you would also like the diagrams to be delivered in the CD or hard copy version.

You will also receive FREE updates for as long as you wish. Whenever more information is available, or revisions are necessary, the updated diagrams will be automatically emailed to you.

Contact me if you would like me to email you an actual diagram so you can see the quality of these diagrams.

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can you send me a price list also along with the pictures
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Thanks for your interest in my Camaro wiring diagrams! You can purchase the diagrams on eBay. Here's one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eB...STRK:MESELX:IT

I emailed a sample of the diagrams to harley_101@msn.com

Let me know if this is correct or if you would like them sent to another address.

Thanks again!

Larry DuBois
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