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You Need A "SIGNATURE" ! ! !

It's a lot easier for us to help you if we know the details of your car. Many features of the LT1 (or LS1) engine, PCM and transmission are dependent on the year of the vehicle and/or engine. You increase your chances of getting help, and increase the accuracy of the help you get by providing basic info about your car. If your LT1 (or LS1) has been transplanted into another vehicle, the information becomes even more important.

NOTE: Some phone apps do not append the signature to the bottom of each post. If you are using a phone, and the signature does not appear at the bottom of every post, you are going to have to type the required info in every new topic.

You should include:

-Year of vehicle (and make if not a 4th Gen F-Body)

-Year of engine, if not identical to the year of vehicle

-Type of transmission

-All major modifications that affect the performance of the vehicle

To add a "Signature", go to the red band at the top of any page:

-Left click on "User CP".

-On the drop-down, left click on "Edit Signature"

-In the "Edit Signature" field that appears, type the suggested information

-When complete, left click on "Save Signature"

Another suggestion - in your profile, if you are outside of the United States, or in an auto-unfriendly state like California, it's a good idea to enter the "Location" field. That helps us understand the limitations of local regulations, finding used parts, new parts, import/export issues, or helping overcome the language barrier.

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Re: You Need A "SIGNATURE" ! ! !

Pushing to the top, because many newbies (and even some long-time members) refuse to follow this procedure.
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