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Stock GM LS2 and LS3 Block HP Rating

Does anyone know what is the HP rating for a OE GM LS2 and LS3 Block? I didn't buy the car yet. As of right now I'm planing to see what will this project run me.

2007-2010 C6 Convertible SS Corvette LS2 and LS3 to be precise. I want to drop a F1-A ProCharger in it so I need to know weather or not I need to buy a all new block or with the OE be good enough. It's a street car, a daily driver category. Needless to say its not going to be driven daily I'd like to know that I can. House of Boost has put a package for me for under $9,000 with shipping for a total system with the independent cog drive system, fuels system, inter-cooler, etc.

I was thinking of massaging the OE heads and reusing them along with the stock block with either forged Lunati or Callies internals, a mild cam and I want to keep the compression down to 9.5:1 (Street 91-93 Octane Tune) I don't need it to be aggressive at all. I'm guessing I will be in the neighborhood of 1000-1100hp. If I go with a LSx intake and set of CNC ported heads I could be in the range of 1200hp which isn't all bad either...

Anyone have any inputs on this?
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Re: Stock GM LS2 and LS3 Block HP Rating

PS. I do apologize on this post too...I see some folks on here don't like post to be re-posted but no one really answered my question before. I figure I try again.
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Re: Stock GM LS2 and LS3 Block HP Rating

Same thing I posted in your first thread. This is personal experience. Get an LSX block from GM. There are people making 1000 on those today.

I see the LS1's start to crack in the 800 range. I wouldn't dare go 1000 on an aluminum block, and the extra bore size on the LS2 makes it even weaker. Get an LSx block if you want to make that kind of power.

A buddy of mine built 2 turbo LS1's in a row and both times he cracked the block right in the middle. For the third build, he got a 5.3 iron block, did a partial fill, and punched it out to the LS1's 3.90 bore. He makes in the 800's and hasn't had an issue yet - same tune as before too.
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Re: Stock GM LS2 and LS3 Block HP Rating

Not sure what kind of budget you're looking at...

The LS7 and C5R blocks are built to handle more power than the other factory GM LS aluminum blocks. If you want to go aftermarket and have a big budget, Dart and RHS offer aluminum LS blocks that will handle well over 1000hp without the weight penalty of iron.

I've seen guys run big numbers with turbos on iron LS truck blocks. 5.3 and 6.0L variants are readily available and usually pretty cheap. If you're on a tight budget, this is likely your best option.

The LSX block is iron and is rated to 2000+hp. It's heavy, but it's not going to fail.
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Re: Stock GM LS2 and LS3 Block HP Rating

For FI I would run an iron block. The extra strength and reduced thermal expansion is worth the weight penalty (~60-70 lbs) in a street engine.
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