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2010 Camaro
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Vehicle Name 2010 Camaro
Year 2010
Make Chevrolet
Model Camaro
Color Rally Yellow
Packages None
My Camaro (background) with the Transformers 3 movie car
History Purchased a bare-bones V6 Camaro LS in April of 2010 at pretty much cost. The idea was to start with a blank slate and customize from there. I did much of the work myself but have also had other modifications done professionally with more still to come in Spring 2013. I didn't intend for the car to be a show car, but I caught the bug and the car has won a half-dozen awards and honors in the 2 1/2 years I've been showing it. It was also part of the festivities at the 2010 Camaro Homecomming, even getting a nice photo op with the real Transformers 3 Bumblebee. I do drive the car all year, and it has seen a slight amount of snow and plenty of rain. That makes it hard to keep in show-shape, but I enjoy working on it.
The most often appreciated change is the upgraded and autographed engine cover, signed by most of the Camaro team leads both in Detroit and Oshawa, as well as several of the Oshawa plant workers and several members of the motorsports community like Jeff Gordon, Wil Power, John Force, Juan Pablo Montoya and more others than I can list from NASCAR and Indycar to Grand-Am to AMA. 34 Major series championships represented in all! I also added black rally stripes and blackouts to the headlights, taillights, marker lights, and reverse lights. I also partially blacked-out the Chevy badges front and rear. I've also added SLP gill stripes. Hurst and SLP badging on the trunk lid finishes off the current exerior mods. In the near future I'll be tinting the windows and adding on a really cool light up Camaro plate on the front to replace the front tag I no longer need since moving to Indiana.

I started with custom-made black powder-coated Bumblebee door sill plates (first ever sold but now available as a catalog item through Empire Billet), then added yellow trim inserts to replace the stock gray ones. I also added black rally stripes accross the yellow insert that runs along the top of the dashboard to match the exterior stripes. I also installed a Hurst billet shifter with special chrome boot support and black Hurst logo knob. After the winter, I'm planning on having the seats re-done and having some other trim pieces painted yellow. After that I think I'll stop for the sake of good taste.

In-Car Entertainment and Electronics
Nothing except the basic stereo and OnStar, which I rarely use for anything except navagation. I think "infotainment" should be a four letter word. If you want to do that stuff in the car, hire a driver, please. I'm tired of dodging you on the roads.

Performance Upgrades
I started with a new K&N air filter, though this may soon turn into a cold-air intake. I followed up with an exhaust upgrade to a SLP Loudmouth II axel-back kit. Estimated HP improvement for the 2010 V6 is up to around 322. I'm going to shoot for at least 330 when I'm all done. I think that's sufficient for a V6...at least for now.

Suspension and Brakes
None, but interested in brake upgrades if I decide to spend more time on a track. Also keeping my eye on prices for sway bar kits.

Wheels and Tires
All-season tires out of necessity, and stock heritage wheels. I had planned on maybe changing the wheels but I get a lot of compliments from people who think they're aftermarket, and I like the 1970's Z/28 look that the wheels are designed around. The black also accents the other blackouts, so I'll probably keep the wheels, at least for a while, until I get bored or see something else that I think still maintains the classic look. I do plan on painting the accent rings, however, since the herritage wheels are getting a bit more popular and I don't want it to look like everyone else's.
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