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Vehicle Name Raziel
Year 2002
Make Chevrolet
Model Camaro Z28
Color Blue
Picture of my camaro that I took from the dealerships website.
History After My 2000 Impala LS died on the way home from work, we decided to look into getting a new vehicle(due to the fact this was the fourth time we had to take it into the shop this year). First we looked into our financing possibilities on a 2010 Camaro, but it would end up costing upwards of 700 dollars a month. I'm the type of person that basically when it comes to buying cars, if I can't get what I want, I would rather buy a really cheap car to get me by for the time being until the option for the car I want opens up.

At the same token I was wanting to learn how to drive a stick shift so I decided I want to get a manual car to learn on. I kind of wanted the car I learn on to be a camaro so I started looking for old cheap camaros with a stick shift. What I was finding was old beat up camaros, with the last one we saw being a 2000 Camaro SS that had a bunch of cheap exterior mods on it, a cracked dash, missing interior gages and a muffler that looked like it had been sawed off with a blow torch.

I found a blue 2002 Camaro Z28(which at the time I didn't realize that the SS was the step up from the Z28, I just really liked the Z28 more), but it was all the way in Granbury, TX, so after a few days of not being able to find anything that didn't look like it had been in an accident, we drive an hour out to granbury to have a look.

It was perfect, no scratches, the panels all looked in their proper place, and it sounded like a dream. So we decided to buy it. After almost a year I am still learning drive it. I've got it mostly down but still need some work in smoothing it out.

I've given it two names, "Raziel" and "Dark Angel" though one is a name and the other more a descriptor. I gave it the name Raziel because it kind of reminds me of the video game character from the game Legacy of Kain: Soulreaver and because I enjoy Angelology. Dark Angel comes from the song "Dark Angel(Gabriel)" by VNV Nation, which is just a real awesome song.
So apparently my Camaro has a Flowmaster exhaust.



Performance Upgrades
Pretty sure it is stock in the engine bay, but hey I was wrong about the exhaust system, so if you see something that didn't come out off the factory floor, just let me know.
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