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Cars I've owned (long.... bring a lunch)

Posted 07-30-2008 at 04:45 AM by guionM
I have a photo album with pictures of all the cars I've ever owned. I never thought much about how many vehicles I've had, but now I realize it's alot. A whole lot. I never intended or planned to have so many cars, but, hey, things happen:

1968 Camaro, 327: Given to me by my uncle. My dad and I refurbished it. We got ahold of another Camaro someone was junking, towed it home, and swaped engines and some parts. Sold it a short time after it was back in good condition due to insurence.

1973 Ford F100, 390 V8, man: The vehicle I learned to drive a stick in. Eye burning yellow. Fat rear tires. Aluminum bed rails and sport mirrors. My Dad bought this (used) and promptly removed the mags and mirrors and put more practical parts in their place. When he eventually gave it to me I put back on the wheels and mirrors, NuFinished the paint to a high gloss, bought a wooden knob for the gearshift, and proceeded to enjoy the daylights out of that truck & the thing HAULED! I went away to college, my Dad's GMC pickup got stolen, and between the insurence and trading in my pickup, he got a new Chevy.

1975 Chevy Malibu Classic, 350:, Copper exterior, tan interior, fold down front armrests. No vinyl roof! Dad helped me buy it. I put white letter tires, dog dish hubcaps & trim rings, blacked out the inner grille, polished the chrome between the tail lights. Blacked out the lower sided & trimmed with tri-color tape. Didn't have positraction, so spining tire was nothing. The car handled circles around my friend's Grand Torino sportback. I sold it when I went into the Navy.

1977 Chevy Monza hatchback, 252 V6, 4 speed manual: My 1st real hotrod. Found it by accident in the back lot at a Nissan dealer on Guam. Had mismatched tires, interior was stripped of speakers, Dirty. Car didn't look like much. For some odd reason I happened to pop the hood of this car and WHOA! 4 barrel Holley carb, Edebrock manifold, headers, a fuel pump on the firewall the size of a soda can! I ignored the fact it didn't have an air cleaner and inquired about it. Dealer was despirate to get rid of it, so he sold it to me for $800. Came back the next day, went to the base, got a wide set of matching Goodyear 60s, an aftermarket open element aircleaner, got it washed and waxed, again found some dog dish hubcaps and rings, and it looked great! Sold it before I left Guam.

1981 Ford Mustang hatchback, straight 6, 4 speed man: I bought it on Guam because I knew I wasn't going to be taking my Monza, and I was fortunate enough to have married someone who could drive a stick as good as me. The car was goregous. Black, T-tops, red interior, aftermarket mag wheels. Fog lights. Dark tint windows. Once I got to Cali, T-tops started to leak, front end developed a vibration, I discovered the car had been wrecked, stereo quit, speedometer quit. I wanted out, so I traded it in.

1987 Ford Ranger, V6 manual: My 1st brand new vehicle. Great truck, poor dealer experience. Save for another story. I owned 2 other cars while I had this truck over 2 years. I did a voluntary repossesion on it because I was separating from my wife (and she left me with a pretty big debt) and I had a car I absolutely was crazy about in the end.

1977 Chevy Monza Spyder, 350 auto: The 1st car I personally had the engine swapped out. Like the last Monza, this car was sitting in the back of a lot. I happened to look inside and the interior was mint! I rubbed a bit of dirt off of it and the paint was shiny and obviously original. The engine was shot. I offered $500, located a 350 engine and a place to swap the engine. I thought my last Monza was quick! I stopped driving my Ranger (wife took it over). Kept that car for a long time, finally sold it when I decided I had too many vehicles.... and I found a car I absolutely loved....

1985 Ford Mustang SSP, 5.0 5 speed man: To this day, my favorite car. Though I swore off Mustangs after my '81, I came across a grey one at the CHP sales lot in Torrance that had a mere 75K miles and a 100K mi warranty. Over time, I put just about every heavy duty and racing grade piece I could find at J. Bittle & Ford Motorsports dealers. That car became indestructable. Took it with me when I got stationed in Hawaii. Had it when I owned 3 other cars. Did 3 cross country trips and countless Vegas runs. Sold it before I left Hawaii because I could take only one car back to the mainland.

Chevy Monza Spyder, 305 auto: Shortest time I ever owned a car. Bought it on a whim from someone going overseas. Black on black. Great looking car. Rand perfectly. Paid $900. On a whim I put it in the Autotrader for $2500obo. 1 week later, it was sold for $2000!

Chevy Monza #4, 305 auto: This one was white with a red interior. I was having some things done to my Mustang, and I bought the Monza to get around in the meantime. After I got the Stang back, I planned to keep it awhile. I later decided I didn't want to maintain 2 cars again. Sold it for what I bought it for (including taxes and registration). Made out way better than renting.

1989 Thunderbird SC, sc 3.8, 5 spd manual: I saw a fantastic midnight blue one sitting for sale on a parking lot at Hickham AFB in Hawaii when I drove by. I test drove it (without the owner, I was on base, so running off wasn't an issue). Found a long stretch of desserted road. Stopped, then accelerated. The car not only lit off, it accellerated, and accellerated, and accelerated... the thing just seemed to accelerate exponentially. Every 10 mph of speed seemed to come on in less time than the previous 10, and it seemed to have no end! I bought the car on the spot. I have to say, of all cars I owned, that car was a babe magnet. Sold it some years later. The down side to SCs is they are expensive to maintain when things do finally start wearing out. That's a story in itself.

6 other Ford Mustang SSPs, and 1 1989 Mustang GT automatic: For about 3 years, I was a frequent visitor to the CHP sales lot up in Sacremento. I would buy one, drive it for a while (normally a few months) then sell it for more than I paid. The GT was a undercover car. There was a couple of other Mustangs that I flipped (purchased and sold almost immediately... before I had to register it) and a couple I bought for others who wanted one.

1993 Camaro Z28, automatic: I was curious about Camaros, so when 1 showed up in auction in apparently stellar condition (save it's 120K miles) I bought it. I was impressed with how solid it was, how well it was built, how it rumbled, and I was sold. I would have kept it if it wasn't for the fact that it had a speed governer. I was driving back and forth between San Diego and my soon to be 2nd wife up in San Francisco and I would often run up against the point where it would cut off fuel. The last straw was when I was beaten by a Honda at 105 mph. I sold the Camaro and bought a Z28 that had only 25K miles. One of the worse cars I ever had.

1997 Z28, 6 spd man: The only option this car didn't have was a multi disc CD changer in the trunk. It actually had every single option! It also left me stranded 3 times the 1st year, killed it's alternator, ripped it's clutch at 40K miles, had rattles out the ying-yang that took me many months before I quelled them all. Trim started pealing off of the doors, the headliner prematurely wore out, and I got introduced to the 4th gen Camaro's power window motors.... multiple times over. I could go on and on, but this blog is long already. I will say that the final year I owned it was the best year I had. No problems whatsoever.... till the clutch went out again on the day someone came to look at it when I put it up for sale.

1989 Thunderbird SC, manual & 1993, automatic: The black '89 was the 1st car I completely restored. new paint, new interior, rebuilt engine and tranny. Car was near show quality. Son borrowed it when I was on vacation ane wrecked it. He paid to fix it (smashed in the right rear suspension spinning out and hitting a curb) but after that, I didn't want it any more, and sold it. 2nd car I owned that went past 200K miles! The '93 I got for mom while she was staying in Arizona with my sister. When she left and my son moved down there, I let him use it after graduation. He promptly got 2 big dents in the car. Perhaps they weren't his fault, but being he worked at a car dealer, he could have gotten them fixed. The rest is a long story, but I'm probally just going to cut my losses and let that car go.

And finally 2002 Camaro B4C, auto: This car I got on a fluke. I happened to be in Sacremento decided and visited the CHP ground transport office at the academy for the 1st time in years. A couple of the people I knew still worked there, but what was even more impressive was that they had a 2002 CHP Camaro on the lot for sale. I had zero intention of buying but when I found out the car was in a shootout, had a bullet hole in the front bumper and they had the news clipping from it, the new brakes, rotors, transmission, bushings, and other replaced parts pretty much made it irresistable. I figured I could pick it up and easily sell it (while keeping my '97). When ever I'm selling a car and I already have one, I put both in the paper and keep what doesn't sell. That B4C automatic didn't sell... heavy emphasis on the word "automatic".

Since then, this B4C I still have has more than made up for the relatively poor quality of the '97 Z28 I had. It's been very dependable and is still pretty solid, though there are still issues I have with it. But as a whole, I'm pretty... OK... with the car. I love the performance and it's a good looking ride.

But I'm getting ansy for something different, and a bit more.... noticeable.
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JasonD's Avatar
Good entry. I once made up a list like this about 10 years ago, but not quite as long. I'll have to dig it up, update it, and post it in my blog.
Posted 07-30-2008 at 07:46 AM by JasonD JasonD is offline
CCCCCYA's Avatar
Wow, I'm feeling a little inadequit now.
Thanks alot..
Posted 08-03-2008 at 03:50 PM by CCCCCYA CCCCCYA is offline
JasonD's Avatar
I added my list to my blog
Thanks for the inspiration, Guy!
Posted 08-06-2008 at 09:28 AM by JasonD JasonD is offline
jg95z28's Avatar
Interestingly my first Camaro was also a 68 327cid (but an RS). If you're ever considering unloading the B4C, let me know.
Posted 11-05-2008 at 03:42 PM by jg95z28 jg95z28 is offline
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