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Originally posted by Z284ever
Very Cool! I'll probably get afew flames for this....but I've always thought that the 928 was the GT that Camaro should aspire to .

I remember once at a cruise night, this mint red 928 pulled in. It's exhaust note had a menacing and yet familiar burble to it. When he popped the hood, the familiarity of the exhaust note was explained. He had an electronic fuel injected smallblock under the hood. It looked and fit great in there...with plenty of room to work on it.

I remember thinking how awesome it would be if Chevy built a Camaro like that.
SBC's in 928s (and 911s for that matter) aren't all that rare. More of them are out there than you think. The problem with Porsche engines is that the parts are very expensive. Especially for the 928's 5 liter. Back when my cousin had his 928s, he had a Ram Jet 502 (the EFI 502 crate motor) with twin turbos ( ) set to be transplanted into it. My cousin decided to sell the engine and the car after he got tired of having to fabricate so many parts for the big block (custom oil pan, exhaust manifolds, etc.), and bought the 911 (type 965) Turbo as his new project car. He's had his 911's engine built up extensively. Last month he came into town from Austin to show the finished car. Its pushing over 750hp form 3.6 liters and two turbos. All aircooled, but a giant intercooler for the turbos.

Anyway, now that we've successfully derailed this thread....

Big I4's don't work.
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Re: Why is there no "big block" I4 and V6 engines?

GM made some massive v6 I know they made a 305(5.0l) v6 and I think the biggest they made was a 632 v6. Go check it out.
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