Camaro Features

Steven Whitaker releases yet another GGI clip of the new Camaro

May 15, 2008

2010 camaro CGI videoSteven Whitaker, the lead animator for the Bring on the Storm Camaro Concept commercial, released another stunning clip of the 2010 Camaro in action.

Click here to watch the video!

20 Questions With the Camaro “Big 3″

April 19, 2008

camaro questions answeredCamaroZ28.Com offers 20 questions to Scott Settlemire, John Fitzpatrick, and Cheryl Pilcher to get to the bottom of the Camaro facts, rumors, and everything in between.

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Interview with Camaro Concept Interior Designer Micah Jones

June 22, 2007

Interview with Camaro Concept Interior Designer Micah JonesIn a two-part series, we interview Micah Jones, the Camaro Concept Lead Interior Designer in a very special episode of the CamaroZ28.Com Podcast. Listen in and hear what it was like to work on the Camaro Concept and Convertible!
Click to listen: Part 1 of 2Part 2 of 2

CamaroZ28.Com Test Drives the Camaro Convertible Concept as Part of Camaro Enthusiast Focus Group

May 25, 2007

camaro concept convertible test driveCamaroZ28.Com returns to the GM Milford Proving Grounds to test drive
the Camaro convertible concept and take part in a very crucial focus group with Chevrolet.

Click here for the test drive and focus group results!

CamaroZ28.Com Presents: “Bring on the Storm”

September 16, 2006

Bring on the Storm Camaro Commercial

“Bring on the Storm” is a conceptual commercial developed to generate excitement for the upcoming 5th generation Camaro. Click here to view it!

CamaroZ28.Com Test Drives the Camaro Concept

June 29, 2006

Camaro Concept Test Drive

We were invited to the GM Milford Proving Grounds to take the test drive of a lifetime behind the wheel of the incredible Camaro Concept!
Read about the Camaro Concept Test Drive

Chevrolet Camaro Concept Doesn’t Disappoint at ’06 Auto Show

January 9, 2006

Camaro Concetp NAIASFollowing a flurry of unauthorized images, the Camaro enthusiast community worldwide collectively held their breath as the final version of the Camaro Concept was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

Winged 3rd Gen Prototype Camaro

January 10, 2004

3rf Gen Camaro PrototypeAn inside look at a truly “one-of-a-kind” prototype Camaro, designed by a GM engineer with hints of a Ferrari F-40.
Check out this rare Camaro

The History of the Name “Camaro”

December 24, 2003

History Camaro NameOne of the most asked questions about the Camaro is where did the name come from? Despite quite various answers, we have the correct answer to the origin of the Camaro name. Click here to read about the history of the name “Camaro”